can't play xvid.fov ?

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I have a file ending with hdtv xvid-fov.avi

But when I go to play it (I’ve tried Windows Media Player, Winamp, DivX Player 6, Real Media player and Quick Time) it says that it can’t open the file and to check that it is a valid avi file.

I tried to render it through gspot and it won’t render.

I have another file encoded with the same sort of file name and it plays perfectly in most of the above mentioned programs.
As far as I know, everyone else on edonkey has been able to play this file properly except for me. Which just seems odd considering I played a previous one.

Is there any way that I can get this file to work or is there an error in the encoding or something?

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Sarah reply


Fov is the name of the realeaser and your file is Xvid format.Check this site for players like VLC and BSplayer also a Xvid pack.Be sure you have AC3 audio filter install. reply


Hi, thanks for that. I downloaded the programs and it is still telling me that it can’t open the file.

Could the file be corrupt in any way? Should I bother downloading it again and hoping that it will play? I’m not really sure about how all this works - normally I would just download the appropriate codecs.

All my codecs are up to date, I have the latest versions of all my media players and I definitely have the AC3 codec.

Sarah reply


When you download a file is coming compressed in rar’s file o1 to whatever number so you have to use WinRar to decompress all and after that you get your avi file in whatever format.Google WinRar and decompress the file. reply



It’s not a compressed file. It’s an avi and winrar won’t recognise it as a valid archive etc. It says it’s not a valid file.

It’s driving me nuts as I don’t want this to be the case with every further episode that I download. reply


Run thru the file with anti-virus program. If it’s clean, then change the file initial 2 just name. (4 xemple say Lost.xvid.fov 2 just Lost) reply

That didn’t work either.

This file really has me stumped. It seems to have been encoded by the same person that encoded the first episode a few weeks ago and I can play that file just fine.

Is there anything else I can do? None of my programs are even recognising it as an avi file - are there other file extensions I should try or something? I’ve tried mpg, divx, wmv etc.

Should I just delete this file and start downloading it again? Could re-downloading it fix any problems? Could the file have become corrupt whilst downloading?

Thanks for helping me so far, I really do appreciate it.

Sarah reply



This is your file like:
Joey S02E03 ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃà à ² ²
² à à ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃà à ± ²
² à à ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃà à ² ²
² à à ÃÃÃÃà à ² ²
² à à Org. Date : 29-09-2005 ÃÃà à ² ²
²Ãðà Rls. Date : 30-09-2005 à à Ãò
òà à Source : HDTV à òÃ
Ãñà à Genre : Comedy à ñÃÃ
Ãà ðà à Ep. Name : Joey And The Spanking à ðà Ã
à à à à à à Ã
Ãà ² ² à Season # : 2 à ² ² Ã
ñ ± à Episode # : 3 à ± ±Ã
°Ã° à Format : XviD à °Ã°
°Ãà Size : 13x15MB Ãð
° Ãà Bitrate V.: Audio: 128 kbps Ãà °
þà à As. Ratio : 16:9 à Ãþ
° à Res. : 624x352 and is a Xvid .Might be a fake or is incomplet otherwise have to work.If you are able to see the other episodes you have all the codecs you need.Try to download it again. reply


i have the same problem with the file smallville s05e01.avi from the torrent Smallville[1].5x01.Arrival.HDTV_XviD-FoV.avi.torrent. i can´t play the episode reply


There r alot of complains about just fov releaser. Try 2 dl it again...this time from this 1.
smallville.s05e01.hdtv.xvid-fqm.[VTV].torrent reply

Thanks, I’ll do that.

There is a VTV gilmore girls one on edonkey too. I’m just a little more careful considering that it’s exactly the same sized file as the one I’ve just downloaded.

Good luck downloading that smallville file again.

Hopefully re-downloading will fix both our problems.

Ps: Thankyou SO much for all the advice given here. reply


I’m having the exact same problem also.. I’ve tried everything I can think of but I still can’t play this file: Smallville[1].5x01.Arrival.HDTV_XviD-FoV.avi.torrent reply


its pretty simple no one can play it.....fov is crap

go get the Fqm release

Smallville.S05E01.Arrival.HDTV.XviD-FQM reply


me too, can’t play the file. delete it, and try another torrent. btw, is there any xdcc for this episode on the irc ? reply


I got teh FQM release for Smallville...and I can’t seem to play it either. ANy ideas? reply


i got it. if u download the FQM release.. do this :

1. extract the original .tar to a directory.

2. the file extracted will be extensionless.

3. add .tar extension to the end of the file name

4. and then extract the content (suppose to be a directory with a lot of rar files in it...)

5. find the first file extracted with the .rar extension, and extract that.

6. you will get the final .avi files with it

takes me while to figure this out..
as a conclusion, the downloaded .tar with the original FQM release was Segmented RAR in a TAR in a TAR (RAR>TAR>TAR)..

duh.. reply


..and btw, i got mine at the irc channel via xdcc download..

keyword = smallville reply


iv downloaded 2 different files of smallville and dowloaded alot of codecs, different players and convereters and nothing recognizes the file. i assume the file is bogus does anyone know which file is the real thing so i can start downloading it? reply


I am having the same problem also. So far have downloaded about fo time the smallville 501fov.avi file and it doesn’t work.
I tried downloading the file Smallville.05x01.(XSVCD)-Arrival but it stuck at 0.6% of the file while azerus reports that already has downloaded more than 690 MB(original file 620MB). Really strange. I may be receiving a lot of corrupted data but I am not sure.
The same also happens with smallville.s05e01.hdtv.xvid-fqm.[VTV]. It stuck at 38.8% and downloaded more than 569MB (original 349.9MB). The internet seems to wrok ok and I am not receiving any bas data anywhere else(i.e. internet browsing, ftp etc).
Doen anybody had any similar issues?
BitHelp reply


for those who still can’t play the downloaded file, i suggest that u all do this : (hey, give it a try will ya..)

1. try renaming the downloaded file to *.tar
2. see if the file now extractable


3. try renaming to either *.zip or *.rar
4. see now if the file is now extractable.

see if this works. It takes me 3 smallville download and approx. 5 hours to get me figure this all out..

the last method i use to download was via the irc and i got the FQM release. The downloaded file was *.tar

and then, when i was nearly gave up, i check the file with my antivirus software and i found out that the extracted file is also a compressed file.. duh... i renamed the file to (again) *.tar and extracted the file to soon found that the extracted file (yet again) a compressed file but that time was different. it was a segmented rar file.. (duh.. again..)
extract the file one last time, and only then i got the final avi...

(see my previous replies for further infos) reply


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