NV21 yuv pixel format


YUV 4:2:0 image with a plane of 8 bit Y samples followed by an interleaved V/U plane containing 8 bit 2x2 subsampled chroma samples. The same as NV12 except the interleave order of U and V is reversed.

  Horizontal Vertical
Y Sample Period 1 1
V (Cr) Sample Period 2 2
U (Cb) Sample Period 2 2

Microsoft defines this format as follows:

 "The same as NV12, except that Cb and Cr samples are swapped so that the chroma array of unsigned char would have Cr followed by Cb for each sample (such that if addressed as a little-endian WORD type, Cr would be in the LSBs and Cb would be in the MSBs)."

Based on: NV12

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