IF09 yuv pixel format


A derivative of YVU9, IF09 contains the basic 3 planes for Y, V and U followed by an additional (N/4)x(N/4) plane of "skip blocks". This final plane forms a basic delta encoding scheme which can be used by a displayer to decide which pixels in the image are unchanged from the previous displayed frame. The strange number of bits per pixel listed for the format results from the fact that an NxN image is described using N2+3(N/4)2 bytes.

This format is generated by Intel's Indeo codecs though users should beware - the original 32 bit Indeo 3.2 shipped with Windows 95 and the beta levels of Indeo 4.1 contain bugs which cause them to generate protection faults when using IF09. Fixed versions of these codecs are available from Intel.

  Horizontal Vertical
Y Sample Period 1 1
V Sample Period 4 4
U Sample Period 4 4

Positive biHeight implies top-down image (top line first)

Based on: YVU9

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