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OR even easier, from within BeLight; Click Advanced settings (bottom left), and untick output log file.

That should do the trick.

PS Cheers Aubrey! reply


Attn Helios and anyone else who had problem where BeLight would show a command box then disappear.

In the BeLight.ini file there is a section which starts “cli=BeSweet..." This is the command that the GUI sends to the command prompt to run the program.

I copied-and-pasted this into a command window and it told me it couldn’t create logfile (my Input file was on a read-only disc). I unchecked in Advanced Options the “log file” item and now it works!!!

Just FYI, thanks for this helpful guide. reply


Ok, I got ONE mp3 file now. But I dont need ONE file, I need as many files as there are tacks in the vob file. Is there a way to cut the mp3 into xx pieces or better automatic create xx mp3s from the vob??? reply


Do u know how to rip chapters seperately? If u use DVD Decryptor then u can rip jut one chapter at a time and rip the audio from that. U can download DVD Decryptor and Doom9.net. When downloaded click Mode and click IFO, select the main movie (Which will most likely be the longest file) and rip only the chapter u want. Uncheck all the ones u dont. DVD Decryptor is free and an AWESOME ripper in my opinion, though, u may need anyDVD if u want to rip new movies with DVDD because it isnt published anymore and cant handle the newest protection. But u can just download the trial version of it at slysoft.com and email me for the patch reply


Aubrey you are awesome...
thx reply


Please try alive wma mp3 recorder, which can record your vob or other video to MP3, WMA or other popular formats.
http://www.alivemedia.net/mp3recorder.htm reply


Sunny May, did u like... create all of the Alive programs? it is very weird that u have posted in almost every thread for people to use the Alive products, they cost money is why people dont use them, free is what people want. reply


Just to add a hint to the tips found in this thread, I suggest to download Lame 3.96.1 and copy the lame_enc.dll file to the same folder as BeSweet etc. It will give you BETTER quality than the older version found in the stable release. reply


I have one problem with the BeSweet and BeLight thing. I am trying to get a .vob that has video and audio in a .mp3 format. the audio works fine but the video doesnt. can someone help me please? reply


If you download the latest Beta in the beta section, it is the same as installing Lame 3.96.1. I updated my 1st guide and stated you need to download the latest Beta’s.

I am not sure what you are asking... do you want the video to also be .mp3? If that is what you are asking, .mp3 is an Audio extension, meaning you can’t put a video in this type of file. You can make the audio mp3, convert the video to .avi with MPEG Mediator, then use VirtualDubMod to add the audio you made which does sound better than if you encode with MPEG Mediator. reply


I have Imtoo 3gp converter, and it could convert also files from vob to mp3 or other audio files (as wav) but the results are unbelievable, the worst audio files ever!!! Maybe if I could put more than 320 bit rate, they would work... now I’m gonna try with some of your suggests

PS: excuse me for my english, but I’m italian!! reply



Yes, ImToo has some of the worst VOB-MP3 conversion’s out, and it cost’s money! When i say that BeSweet is the best, i am not lying, it does the job perfectly!

Also, mp3’s should never go above 320, that’s the highest, and best quality you’ll get.

Maybe you should use VBR Mode, which will let the Bitrate roam, which i have found give’s the best result’s for Music. Just make sure to first hit Bitrate, and move the arrow to 128 Kbps, then go to Quality, move it to 100%. on Dynamic Compression move it to Heavy, then click Advanced settings, unclick LFE to LR Channels and check “Dialog Normalization Reduction” + “Normalize to 100%" + Output “Stero”. This will give you the best quality you’ll find IMO. reply


i too have the same problem as helios i have everythin installed and n teh same ffolder but whever try to convert i get a brief flash of a command prompt window i tried copying my dvd file to the desktop but that didnt work the vob plugin is a dll file so tht might be the problem but i cant find the extension for it. could someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!! reply


You should not have to install anything... I would advise you download Belight.ZIP not .exe. When you go to download it should give you these options


Download the fourth one!

Or if you are using the Stable (Which you should)


Download 2.

(If anyone accidentally tried using Belight Beta 9, know that it cannot handle VOB input)

Then extract that to w/e folder you want, and also put the VOB.dll into it and Besweet. That should do it.

If you are still having problems email me reply


Well done Aubrey, and many thanks. This works a treat. And the answer to Helios’s question about the command-prompt window flashing - disappearing etc, well weeble-wobble was on the money. Move the files to a local drive, and you are away.
Cheers to all.
Catch ya. reply


beautiful! simply....

_peace reply


Aubrey- do you have a current link for BeLite? The link above (http://dspguru.doom9.net/) works for BeSweet and the .dll, but NOT for BeLite at this late date a year after your post...

Any help on this would be much appreciated...! reply


I know why the one user was having trouble. If VOB file is on a DVD and you leave the advanced option on to write a log file, it tries to create log file in input directory (i.e. on DVD) and can’t. Either move the vob file to HDD or turn off the option for a log file. Seems like another solution would be to have BeLight prompt for location of log file and pass to Besweet. However, I would like to thank all for creating these products. I know it takes time to do this stuff.
Jeff reply


i downloaded isofter dvd ripper from here
it support dvd ifo vob file to avi, mpeg, wmv, mp4, mp3, wma, etc. reply


Just wanted to thank Aubrey for that clear and consise guide - helped me out a lot! All I would say is, beware BeLight .22, apparently it doesn’t support this method yet (or at least, I got errors with .22 that vanished with .21)

Doom9 only seem to link .22 at the moment, but I found .21 at http://www.free-codecs.com/BeLight_download.htm

And the vob-plugin seems to be gone from Doom9 too. So grab it here: http://web.archive.org/web/20050205102554/dspguru.notrace.dk/plug-ins.htm reply


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