Mosaic removal

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hay can you help me remove mosaic, this movie is so sad to be with mosaic, because it has low hopes to be licensed outside japan so im thinking of removing the mosaic of this video i have its titled:

Imouto Jiru (totally censored mosaic)

for more info about file it is in avi format cannot send link here for download so mail me.

couldnt figure out how to remove the mosaic so maybe somebody here can. if you can help me pls mail me at reply


Friend just bought a Olympia DV-9900 on EBay for about $80. It works, but not on every single DVD we have tried. Not sure what the common demoninator is on the DVDs that have failed. Success rate is 85%, and I’ll take that any day. Pretty straight forward on how to use it. When school starts up again, we plan on getting another one and trying to reverse engineer it to see if we can duplicate the process.

Sorry if I don’t know the right jargin. I’m a history major my friend is the electrical engineering / computer science major at Rose Hulman.

Plan B is to get our friend from Japan to help us import them, translate everything into English, and start making some extra beer money.

Seeing is believing. Those who say it does not work are only speaking theory. Ever read a post from a guy who actually has one and hates it? reply

"I’m still on it, “What’s the difference between the DV9900DX, DV800DX, AND THE DVX100DX. Does anyone know which machine is better, or do they do the same thing. They all appear to decode mosiac censorship, if I’m not mistaken. It was very difficult to understand since most of the web sites are in Japanese. After translating these sites I’m not sure which is which! Has anyone had success in with the dv9900dx!

Johnnysalsa reply


"Does anyone know the diffence between the dv9900dx , dv100dx, and the dv8800dx machines? They all appear to do mosiac removal, but I’m not sure which is better! Most of the sites are on Japanese yahoo auctions. “After translating these sites it’s still not clear to me the difference. “Has anyone had real success with the dv9900dx? “If so maybe we all should bye it, and move on to the next conquest!

Johnnysalsa reply


Has anyone every heard of the G-7000s First class Bokashi Mosaic removal machine, or the Mosaic, and picture stablizer DV-007S. How about the DV-8800DV, or DV9900DX, or Dv-X100DX, or the Dual 2005DX. All of thease machines appear to do mosaic removal, but it’s hard to tell which one is the best since most of the site are in Japanese.

Johnny Walker reply


Japanese friend said Olympia DV9900DX is the latest version of all the models listed. He said model names are not logical. Packaging, labeling of device, and color are really the only changes from one to the next.

He visited Tokyo’s electronics district and said DV9900DX were the only version he saw in stock. That might explain why it is the only one I’ve seen on EBay.

To the non-believers out there, if this item did not work, would a company continue to make different versions with the same brand name--“Olympia”? reply


Can anyone tell how this Olimpia DV9900DX box works? Can you connect it to your digital cable box and watch cable TV uncensored, or does it work with DVDs?

Thanks reply


Does anyone know if the dv9900dx is better that the dv8800dx? reply


I have tried the olympia dv9900-dx and it really does not work, unless you have a lot of imagination.

The best thing i have seen so far was this software approach:

However, i still wonder about these pictures that look like they were decensored. reply


I meant “movies that look like they were uncensored”.

anyway my post was to say that basically it is not worth spending money on the olympia. i have bought it in japan for $30 and that’s $30 lost. don’t throw $120 on ebay for that kind of thing. reply


hi guys! dv-9900 is on ebay now! a little expensive :-( but with an english instruction! ill try it anyway... reply


i love JAV. some of the AV idol actress starting to do uncensored video. most of them will not do it. and yes there are all type of jav uncensored video, but the idol av, as most of us want to see uncensored are censored.

there are company in China use the box to uncensored and sell the DVD to western.

to make the story short, i cam across a manufactor and a website that make and sell the box. it av969, create by a company in china called GLOBEVAL TECH. they are out of business like 5year ago. the machine is $300. now it’s almost impossible to buy anywhere.

there’s certain av idol that you really wanna to see uncensored.

anyone out there got info on a newer box, let us know...
tahnks reply


The Olympia 9900 works. First heard about it on this site and had my cousins in Japan check it out. They bought one, tested it out, and then sent me another one.

Between the 3 of us, we have about 450 DVDs that can now be fully enjoyed--if you know what I mean.

Amazingly simple to setup and use. No clue how it works, but it does.

Just wanted to pass along the good news. reply


is there anything i can do with all this mosaic reply


If the box can do it - there MUST be software that can do it.. I have a number of video clips where you can see the remnants of mosaic censoring, but the interesting parts are clearly visible. From what I can see, it relies on the fact that the mosaic squares are static but the image is constantly moving between the squares and extrapolates the detail from this motion. You can see the decensored area is not always in sync with the rest of the video reply


I just bought the Olympia 9900. I based my decision to buy after readings posts like the one from “Mineo” on Aug 17. I should have listened to the advice of “Trojan”, who also posts here. The device os worthless. I wasnt expecting it to remove 100% of the mosaic, but it removes perhaps 10-20% of it. And for that 10-20% removal, you pay the price of having it destroy the rest of the picture. I tried it on dvd’s with all types of mosaics, and by all different companies. Like I said, its useless. Either “Mineo” is planting BS posts on here to help generate sales of the 9900, or he must have gotten to only one that works. Do not buy this product. reply


As a follow-up to the post I just made: I am starting to think that people who sell the 9900 on eBay are artificially pumping up the price by placing fake auctions and having their friends (or possibly even themselves, using a second eBay account) bid big money on them. Look through some of their feedback and you will find one or two previous 9900 winners who suspiciously just joined eBay right before the auction began and havent won anything before or since they won the 9900. I am sure that the eBay sellers in Japan know that its a $30 item in japan and that it doesnt really work. So they place a few for auction and bid on them themselves or by using their friends to do the bidding. That sets the price because the typical person from the US has no other reference point as to what these units should sell for. And, of course, there is a fee to be paid (38USD) if you want to return the item. Add to that the postage to and from your home in the US, and you are out about $70 just for the chance to find out that it doesnt work. Of course, there is always the option of destroying the guys eBay feedback record by exposing him. Who will buy another 9900 from him if you tell how it doesnt work in your feedback comments? And perhaps a threat to the seller--letting him know you are on to the scam and will report his practices to eBay or the FCC--might make him give back the full amount you paid. I could be wrong about all this--and perhaps the 9900 does work for some people, but I have a pretty good working knowledge of A/V and I stand by my claim that this thing doesnt do crap. reply


LOL... Hope that is Like BETA mAX or VHS that cannot put in cpu lol reply


No way for me to prove it, but I am not selling nor have I an involvement in the sale of the Olympia 9900. Nobody should buy based my comments only.

There probably are crooks in Japan, but business regulations are so strict that a non working electronic item MADE IN JAPAN would get the company shutdown in a heartbeat. Japan is not China--land of knock offs, bad quality, and no regulations.

Just my theory, but it is just as plausible as Jaystonian’s theory. Jaystonian has a working Olympia 9900 and is just talking smack about it to keep demand low, kill all EBay sales. Jaystonian will use the Olympia 9900 to burn uncensored DVDs and sell them on EBay. That would be much more profitable and long lasting a business than selling a non working Olympia 9900. That is my opinion, and my opinion only. reply


frightfoo must look stupid now without thinking his answer alot better lmao reply


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