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I have several wmv, avi, and rm files of Japanese actresses that have mosaic censorship. Anyone know a way to remove the censorship? reply


There is no way to remove it. Think about it logically. You have a file and it has parts censored in it, so the file is a movie with censored portions. That is how the movie IS. How would anyone be able to remove the consored bits?

What you need to do is find original material without consored parts!

Let me ask you this. What happens if you had a VHS Tape that had censored parts in it. Would you be able to remove the parts that are censored and leave behind a picture without any thing convering it? The answer is NO. Why do people think it’s ANY different with digital video, such as the one you have? reply

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I did think about it logically. That, and the existence of a software that was proclaimed to remove the mosaic from a digital still photograph prompted me to ask. I once had the link for that aforementioned software but could not find the download button because the site was all Japanese.
Observation tells me that the mosaic was achieved by enlarging the pixels, much like a magnifying glass held to a regular picture, but to a much larger magnification. Hence the pixels are there, just merely oversized to block the real picture. I figure the pixels could be reduced back to their original size hence restoring the picture.
By asking for methods of removal of the mosaic censor I was not alluding to the removal of the pixels per se thus leaving a white (or black, or any other color) patch on the picture. I was thinking that since a software was used to magnify the pixels in the censored area, a counter-software could be used to reverse it.
Anyone else has any other ideas?

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hi.. logically it should be possible to improve the situation greatly. As you said, the pixels are enlarged, so we can infer higher resolution than an original by assigning smaller pixels with colors determined by the color of the main pixel being divided and also the colours of the adjacent pixels to each of the smaller pixels being created. If we assume that the movement of colored areas is not random (and of course it is very far from random in a movie) then the result could be further improved if the the software were to look a few hundred frames ahead and apply results to current frame .anyway, I lived in Japan and tv units are available reply



So bgurk, do you have any contacts in Japan who may know of any software to remove the mosaic censorship? reply


Actually, the mosaic effect is normally achieved through one of several methods.

1) Pixel mosaic effect.
This is un-reversable, and destructive. It takes an average of say 10x10 or 20x20 pixels, and makes one large pixel from it. You can “interpolate” a rough image from it, but the data is lost forever.

2) Flip or Spin
This is where groups of pixels have been rotated or flipped to give the appearance of a jumbled mess.
This jumble can be un-done if you know the sequence. The sequence is normally defined by a phrase typed into the “mosaic” program.

3) Colour alteration
As with 2, the colours are altered based on a phrase. This too can be reversed.

4) A combination of 2 and 3.
Again requires the key phrase to reverse.

BUT... The one problem with all these methods is that they are designed for stills, not motion pics. MPG, DivX and other destructive compression algorythms destroy the encoded data to the point that even if you know how it was encoded, and have the phrase, theres very little left to recover anyway. With JPG images, its less of a problem, as JPG retains the detail quite well, and the images are generally much higer res.

PS: I belive the still photo tool was called “Gmask" reply


then wat about motion films or pictures? is there a program that can do it? reply



There is also another program for still: “FLMASK”
And for motion films : “ViatuelDub 1.5” with many Filters that can recover some, but i have not yet found a filter that can remove all. reply

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hihi~ First of all I would like to state I am a pervert and I know so. Now you dont have to tell me yourself, I have alot of Japan-AV and some of the BEST the Best!! the cutest gurls have sensors omng its sooooo anoyying =[ boohooohooo i so desperatly wish somone would just make a encoding prog or a player that removes the censors just like make some kind of AV~Player. witch when u watch removes censors mmmm AV~ la byebii reply


hey guys, i think there are programs, there are some jap av i have downloaded that appear to be demosaiced, you can tell by the distortion in the border of where it would have been mosaic’d before reply


How do you use FLMask to alter/remove mosaics in jpegs to get the original image? reply


here’s the site and tell me what you think
if you intended to buy the program (US $2.5/==) reply

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can someone buy and post it here, thanks reply


talking av files.. i manage to dl some without mosaic.... but could not play dem... those with mosaic, were able to ... do i need any special codec to play dem ? reply


you should try to download a program called GSpot reply


hello forum I have just purchased over 50 japanese av’s and their all censored what a waste! I had no idea that they censored av movies. Can someone please tell me why? My real question is can this censorship be removed, and were is the software for purchase? These movies are in fact very good, but ruined by some idoit that would censor them. Why even make them in the first place?. reply


"you should try to download a program called GSpot”

LOL, it’s called Gmask not Gspot !
It’s used for unmasking pictures and works excelent on most but but pics with a “CP” mask require the cp code from the site or you can try a program called CP-POPUP witch works for some.

Gmask is a 32 bit (Windows 95 or higher) FREEWARE program for adding/removing masks from image files.

The masks supported are WIN, MEKO-, MEKO+, Q0, FL, and CP.

The file types supported are BMP, DIB, JPG, and JPEG (both standard and progressive encoding).

To get the latest version of Gmask go to reply


CP POPUP huh? How does it work? reply


I agree with poijse who said:

“hey guys, i think there are programs, there are some jap av i have downloaded that appear to be demosaiced, you can tell by the distortion in the border of where it would have been mosaic’d before”

I have also just viewed movies that have been demosaic’ed. There is a distinct border where the mosaic had been.

So anyone know of such a program as suggested by poijse? reply


About Mosiac removal programs I do belive that they do exist because I called a local Television Studio, and I spoke with a Senior Editing Tech, and I asked him if the pixels, or censorship could be removed from a DVD and he said yes, but he would not tell me because he said if he aired program and censored somone face let’s say some victim of a crime, or crimnal. He said that I would have the ability to uncover this persons hidden indenity and this could be dangerous to any privacy protection acts. He said its out the but you just have to keep searching. Also I do have some Japanese AV DVD’S that appear to be decoded because you can see a little blur in the area that was supposed to be censored. Somebody removed it. reply


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