Importing files from DVD to Sony Vegas?


Hey, I’ve read loads of stuff on this forum and found it a great help in the past, but am currently stuck and need to get a video made quick!

I’ve burned a DVD of clips recorded on my Sony camcorder, and I need to import these clips into Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 (Build 179).. any advice? I could have sworn there was a simple way when I used this program last year, but I can’t find it anywhere!

(the reason I burned a DVD of the files was to get around the problem of the crazy MPEG2 compression sony use on the handycam)

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I’m surprised you don’t have an MPEG-2 decoder installed or bundled with your camera’s software! You can try the GPL MPEG-1/2 DirectShow Decoder Filter here: reply


thanks, I’ve downloaded that now and it’s allowing me to use files directly from the ones saved off the camera now, but once imported the clips have no sound.

I think that’s something to do with the camera coding the MPEGs in surround.. before I gave up last time and decided to burn everything as a normal DVD then re-importing, I got as far as silent clips like that, but at least I’m back to there now!

I’ve found the function on Vegas now to import the files from DVD (it’s under File > Import > DVD Camcorder Disc) - apparently it also works for normal DVDs, not just camcorders.. it’s coming up with an error at the last minute but I’ll keep trying I guess.. reply


If you’re not sure what format the audio is in, feed the file into gspot (get the beta 2.70 since it gives more information about MPEG’s).
You mention surround, so I’d take a guess and say AC3 (Dolby), which you can download here, but don’t get it until you’re sure (after you get your diagnosis from gspot). reply



Great program, thanks for the link! You’re right it was AC3 for the audio, and gspot tells me I have the correct codecs already. I guess I have the basic ones needed to play the files in media player etc, but not something that I need to import them and use them in Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Adobe Premier etc.

My current project is time sensitive and needs to be online by tomorrow so i’m going to go down the burn dvd then re-import route as i got that working, but in future I’d love to have a direct solution, as otherwise I think i’ll be ditching the sony handycam and looking for a more user friendly camera..

For reference I got the DVD way working by doing this:

- cutting the clips down to rough edits in sony handicam bundled software (picture motion browser)

- burning a DVD of about 20 videos at a time to DVD (any more than that and sony vegas can’t handle importing them on my comp, apparently this is something which even high RAM computers struggle with)

- importing the dvd into sony vegas using (File > Import > DVD Camcorder Disc) reply


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