How do I capture streaming video?

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How do you capture streaming video when the site will not let you right click the file? reply


You could try using Hi-Net Recorder:

You may need the real URL information too, but this is usually findable using a little investigation. reply


a couple of good progs are streamboxvcr and asfrecorder - tho both might be hard to track down these days.

another option is to trawl thru the sourcecode for the webpage that the stream is on for a link to the intial .mov file - say eg -

then you look in your temp internet files and find that and open it up in an editor - eg notepad.

chances are if they’re trying to hide the end file, the inital .mov file (and prolly the next 3..) will just be links to another linking .mov file which will link to another and so on.

eventually you’ll find the file that has the acutal filename you’re looking for - eg

then, if you’re lucky, you’ll simply be able to d/l that file with a download manager like getright or whatever.

hope this helps... i used to have a lot of fun with it

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I’d like use some screen recorder to help me copy streaming videos, for it can be applicable to any websites, so you can use it to capture streaming video from any websites. It also can capture whatever is displayed on your computer screen with high quality and help you save the recordings as standard video format file, so you can upload it to video sharing websites or enjoy it at will. reply



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