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Hey guys,

so ive had no trouble converting my vob files to avi using auto gordian knot.. but this program doesnt convert bup files!!! and i cant complete my qwork without the video on this file in particular.. i tried just simply changeing the file name to vob but it just made it i thought it might work but now i think about it it was a bit stupid...

ive tried isofterdvdrip but that just stuffs up at 0.68% every time and even with fiels ive already converted on auto gordian knot so i guess its just a stupid program and ive tried winavivideoconverter which also doesnt support bup files???

any idea of a different dvd rip program i can get for free or anything???

i even tried ivy converter!!

please help

i want this bup file converted!!!!

sophia reply

i thought the bup files were just backups of the ifo files on a dvd.

you dont even need to have the bup files there

if you look in them with notepad theres not much to them reply


agree with tama1.

Bup files just a IFO backup, video info all are in VOB files. reply

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