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I am trying to convert vob files from a NON COPYRIGHTED dvd to imovie. I have downloaded streamclip and purchased QT mpeg-2 playback. I have imovie 5.0.2. I have moved the files from the dvd to my HD. When I got open the vob file with streamclip it asks me if I would like to open all of the files of the stream together, I hit OPEN 1 FILE - it then says, “File open error: unsupported file type”.

HELP! reply

I’m having a problem similar to this, but I do it all the time this is the only time i’ve gotten this error, i use mpeg stream clip. I have a dvd I got from a DVR recorder, I open the dvd which shows 2 VOB files in the TS folder. the MENU gives “Warning: the stream may have timecode breaks." I “Fix Now” and it works fine. But i dont want the menu. the other VOB file in the TS folder, which should be the “movie I want” gives this error when opened,
“File open error: unsupported file type”
when I open anyway, I get an audio bar which has no sound, and no video.
ANY IDEAS? I’ve been on this for hours PLEASE reply


For all editors:

Don’t deal directly with VOB files in a DVD support.

Transfer the files contained in VIDEO_TS folder to hard drive (like the desktop).

And then change the extension ".vob” to ".mpeg" reply


The VOB files are fttamored for a DVD player so you need to use a DVD ripper to do this yourself. I recommend taking advantage of StashSpace.Com to do this for you.Just send them your DVDs and they will encode them. They can host your vids online for you to edit or send them back to you on a portable hard drive. They specialize in family movie transfer and video storage. It would usually be $7 per tape/dvd to have your stuff transferred to digital but they are running a promo where it is FREE if you get a premium account. The premium account includes unlimited video storage and high quality video sharing and is $99.95 reply


VOB is Video Objects on the DVD disc. It’s the main video format to store DVD movies. Usually, you will also see IFO and BUP files. Previously, you can try to create an disk image file with VOB files by using Disk Utility and then import .dmg image to iMovie as camera. Actually, that is a workaround. But it doesn’t work anymore. So when you try to import VOB to iMovie for editing, you’ll find out that all VOB files in the Video_TS folder are just greyed out. To import your local VOB files or VOB files from DVD discs to iMovie, the easiest way is to convert VOB to iMovie compatible format with a VOB converter software and Brorsoft DVD Ripper for Mac is the right choice.


I recommend  Avdshare Video Converter which can convert MPEG-2 to iMovie. reply


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