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How do I do that? I need to so I can burn a c.d. with my music, but the music was downloaded as a RAM file and it needs to be a RM file and yeah... reply


Yeah emma i have the same problem, i dl a few free legal songs off the internet and played them on realplayer and it played but when i tried burning the songs it said needs to be rm instead of ram and it said to try changing the filename to .rm instead of .ram i tried by using nero but it didnt do anything but lose the filepath of the files. reply


Yeah emma i have the same problem, i dl a few free legal songs off the internet and played them on realplayer and it played but when i tried burning the songs it said needs to be rm instead of ram and it said to try changing the filename to .rm instead of .ram i tried by using nero but it didnt do anything but lose the filepath of the files. reply


hey do u guys know how to convert a vcd to rm or ram./ i fu know plz let me know. my email and msn is i would be rellay glad if someone found out how. looking forward to ur answer. thnks and all have fun reply



Well, a RAM file is just a small text file. It tells your browser to launcher RealPlayer, and to stream (play) the media file indicated in the RAM file.

One of the benefits of a RAM file is that the source file doesn’t get downloaded to the user’s computer, it just streams in pieces.

You CANNOT convert a RAM file to RM. What you want to do is somehow acquire the original RM file from their website. reply


no i meant how to convert a vcd ex wav to ram or rm reply


converting ram to rm is not possible,

Try converting ram to mp3,then mp3 to rm ...

hope that solves your probs.give a try

harri reply



hi but how do u convert RAM TO MP3 reply


This is a freeware Ram to MP3 converter: reply


hi thanks a lot man but this is not free but thanks. reply


Im also having the same problem. My boss is would like me to burn some songs on a CD for her. As the music is East Indian limewire doesnt have many, and the website i found that plays them are .ram files. I’ve tried over and over to find a program to convert, but it says 'unknown file type'.... so could someone help me out? reply


anyone looking at this thread might be bemused,
.RAM files are (as was previously said) simply text files with the URL of the actual music typed inside.
therefore open the RAM file in a text editor, and copy the music URL to the clipboard,
the music file ends with .rm this file can be downloaded and later changed to mp3, see below.

if youre on windows or linux a great program to download is mplayer.
you can find the windows version here, (linux people will already have this beauty)

get one of the windows releases.

Also download the codecs which will allow you to read almost any music type and convert between them.

Now unzip mplayer into a directory somewhere, and unzip the contents of the codecs download into the codecs folder which is created when you unzip mplayer.

Now how to get your mp3 from the URL you have in the clipboard.

in windows (xp)
open a command window
enter cmd and press return

goto the directory where you have unzipped mplayer
(say this was called c:\program files\mplayer)

If you dont know how to do this, install the command here powertoy from windows (which can be found using google and downloaded for free from microsft) and then right click on the folder with mplayer.exe in it and select “command window here” from the menu

now the command you use is

mplayer -dumpstream URL

this will download the rm file and save it as the file stream.dump in that folder

now to convert it to an mp3 you first need to convert it to a wav file

mplayer -ao pcm stream.dump

now you will have a file called audiodump.wav in the folder
(say this folder is called c:\program files\mplayer)

then download lame.exe or gogo.exe from the net and use them to create your mp3.

(or use one of the many lame based tools out there)

gogo is faster but not so powerful.

unzip lame to its own folder, and do the same with gogo, google to find it.

now open a new command window or change into the lame folder and type

lame --preset-standard “c:\program files\mplayer\audiodump.wav” “c:\program files\mplayer\sparkly_new.mp3”

all on one line

now watch - you now have a sparkly_new.mp3 in the mplayer folder.

If this sounds hard, then go and buy something.

but I have associated nearly all my music with mplayer, and I cn double click on it to watch avis, raw vob files, to listen to mp3s, wavs, oog format, to save bbc files from the internet, to convert between one format and the other etc. etc. etc.

it is extremely lightweight and runs on very slow machines and old latops.

ps. to convert between wma and mp3, (if you have a load of wmas you want to convert which have NOT been copyprotected with windows DRM) you can convert them with the same command

mplayer -ao pcm old.wma

then use lame as before to convert from audiodump.wav to your new.mp3

lame -b 128 audiodump.wav new.mp3

where "-b 128” means use a bit rate of 128kbps

to find out what bitrate to use on the wma just hover the mouse over it to see what it was originally encoded as.chances its the same for the rest of the files in a folder. (if you encode with double the bitrate your mp3s will be twice the size of the original wmas)

oh and one more thing. goto windows media player if you use that, tools-> options-> rip music tab->
select mp3 on the format drop down, and 86Mb (192Kbps) on the slider

hope this helps someone, check out the sourceforge link above if you havent, theres a lot of other free stuff there. reply


lame --preset-standard “c:program filesmplayeraudiodump.wav” “c:program filesmplayersparkly_new.mp3”

should be

lame --preset-standard “c:program files\mplayeraudiodump.wav” “c:program files\mplayersparkly_new.mp3”

any other mistakes are mine as well! caio reply


When I opened the .RAM file in a text editor, the link was a .RA, what does that mean? Will it work also? reply


you can just got to my documents and remame the RAM to RM! reply


Did you try with renaming the file yourself, with succes? reply


This works, but not on most new computers, only older ones. There must be a wasy to alter the settings to allow this, though. reply


Shimmy, how would it apply to video files as opposed to mp3? reply


You can also use VLC and paste the rm link into the network stream, and check streaming and dump raw output to file called video_stream.dump

then its just a question of transcoding the realVideo into something else say an mpg, you use mencoder for that, mencoder comes with mplayer, use the link above.

all one line this command

mencoder.exe -o sparkly_new.avi -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts acodec=mp2:abitrate=32:vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=1:vbitrate=128 C:\mplayer__\video_stream.dump

you of course might have a different path than c:\mplayer__\video_stream.dump

and this command will result in a highly compressed mpeg4 so use sounds bitrate greater than 32 and video bitrate more than 128, the manual page that comes with mencoder is PhD stuff but well worth a read.

good luck, reply


Marcus Aurelius wrote:
This is a freeware Ram to MP3 converter:

It’s not freeware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply


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