Converting MPEG to fit on std DVD

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I have a downloaded movie that is only 715 MB.
The movie is “The Number 23” (Jim Carey) and it plays fine on my PC using W-Media PLayer but I want to burn it onto a DVD to view on the TV.

It is only a mpeg file ... there are no standard DVD movie files.

Yet when I try to burn it onto a DVD (single layer) it comes up with a file size of about 6.7 GB.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

It is some kind of compression that automatically uncompresses when you try to burn it?? reply

It depends on a lot of things, like resolution, frame rate, bitrate, etc.
Everything else being kept equal, you might want to decrease quality settings a little bit if they’re available to you. (Sacrificing quality will decrease file size some.)
You can also check if you can convert it to VCD (which is MPEG-1 - I’m assuming the original format of the file was MPEG-1 - you can check using gspot or avicodec to be sure though - if it’s MPEG-2 use SVCD instead - of course this all assumes your DVD player can read VCD’s and SVCD’s - most can). Normal data CD’s use error correction, so they’re only about 700MB in size, but things like VCD’s and SVCD’s don’t use that error correction space, so they can span as much as 800 MB sometimes. That’s why I’m suggesting (S)VCD. reply


I used this soft because is liteghr than softwares like Nero or Roxio. I was reading a lot of reviews about AVS Disc Creator and I was convinced that it is the best choise but I installed it, I used it and I have some disc without any information burned in The AVS Soft don’t work properly I’m very disapointed.. I will keep using the 1gb istallation but reliable Nero T_T reply


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