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I'm currently being swamped with email messages that fall into eight main groups:

1. "Where do I find codec WXYZ"

The answer to this question will be in the table on the codecs page if I know it. If it's not in the table as a link from the second column then I don't know if the codec is downloadable and I suggest you contact the codec owner for information. If the codec you are looking for is associated with a particular software application or video capture adapter, you may also like to try contacting the support department at the company which produced the software you are trying to use. If you hear of a repository for the codec, please let me know and I'll update the site.

2. "When I try to open an AVI, I get a message saying decompressor not found. Can you help?"

This message means that the AVI uses a codec that you don't have installed. If you can find the codec listed in the table on the codecs page then there may be a link to a download site for it. If there's no link, I don't know where you can get the codec - sorry. Let me repeat that - I REALLY don't know where you can find it. Honestly. If you don't know the codec that your file uses, please look in the Samples page since there are tools linked there that will tell you.

3. "My friend can play this AVI but I can't. Why?"

Remember that AVIs can contain literally hundreds of different types of compressed and uncompressed video and audio. The answer to your question is that your friend has the correct codec installed for the particular AVI file and you do not. Take a look at some of the information in the Samples page for more specifics. Also, ATI describes the problem well here in one of their technical support pages.

4. "Do you know anything about FOURCC ABCD?"

As I've said above, if it's not listed on the codecs page, I don't know about it. The Help page lists formats that I am currently trying to track down so you may find a bit more information there. The best bet in these cases, though, is to go to AltaVista (or a search engine of your choice) and search on +AVI +<your FOURCC> and see what pops out. If you find an answer, please let me know and I'll add the information to the site.

5. "Where do I get codecs for my Mac?"

Unfortunately, I know nothing at all about video playback on Apple machines. The last time I used a Mac seriously was 1988 so, as you will see, I'm very behind the times.

6. "Why don't I hear audio when I play an AVI file?"

Ditto audio codecs. This site is dedicated to video formats and I'm afraid I can't help you out if you have an audio question - sorry.

7. "Your site is great, here's more information to add"

Please email me as often as you like. I enjoy feedback on the site and especially enjoy getting new information. The site is updated when I can find time free from my "real" job so it may take a few weeks for your information to be posted. If your correspondance falls into this category, please click here.

8. "I would like to register my new FOURCC"

If you want to register a new codec or raw pixel format, please go to this page and follow the instructions there.