Need help to activate DVD X Copy Express (321 Studios)

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sparkydoo wrote:
Hey Dale - Will you send me the instructions for the crack? I have a legit license ID and password. The support for 321 did not respond. Thanks.

Email me directly for backup DVD discs.


Dale Ashby

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jln_guest79 wrote:
If you use a key generator for version 3.2.1, make sure your date is set back to Nov. 11th 2003, it worked for me. Also in your regional time settings make sure it is in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

Hi jln_guest79,

Thanks for the clairification on

key generation for backup DVD discs.


Dale Ashby reply


zoef wrote:

email me and i will send it to you


have you got the keys if so may we have them 2 reply


Poolman and Everyone Else,

Email me directly for backup DVD disc info.


Dale Ashby

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need help activating li#881668296
pass 206368780 reply


Hi Everyone,

This forum’s rules state specifically:


If any one needs help with using the discontinued

DVD X Copy program, I have worked with it and have

a few observations and solutions relative to backup DVD disc info.


This is my final posting on this subject.


Dale Ashby reply


poolman wrote:

zoef wrote:

email me and i will send it to you


have you got the keys if so may we have them 2




How do I get a Key gen for dvd x copy xpress.
I got a new computer and it said that the lic is already used.
can you help me ? reply


russ wrote:

zoef wrote:

email me and i will send it to you




Hi Everyone,

Someone named ZOEF posted 1 time that he or she had a crack for DVD X Copy on 09/12/06. ZOEF did not log in as a member, ZOEF posted as a guest. ZOEF did not leave an email address so there is no way to reach ZOEF. Several people including me, asked ZOEF via this forum to send us the information which ZOEF said ZOEF would do. However, if you only post a request as a guest and leave no email address, then no one can contact you individually and the only way you can get an answer is if someone posts the answer to your request on this board for everyone to see.

In case no one has noticed, everyone who has posted here has posted as a guest and ZOEF has never posted any responses since 09/12/06. So unless ZOEF starts posting now, everyone is wasting their time asking for information from ZOEF.

This is not a criticism, but apparently ZOEF has left the theater.

If you want info from me,

email me directly at my email address.



Dale Ashby reply


Hi Everyone,

Following the rules of this forum,

I do not post potential solutions here.

In addition, some people are asking about

Key Generators.

jln_guest79 mentioned some success with a key generator.

I think key generators are one of many different cracks and

this forum does not permit us to post cracks.

I don’t know what jln_guest79’s solution was but as far as

I understand, a key generator only attempts to generate a

serial number or password that the program will accept and

let you run it. But I think in DVD X Copy’s case even if

you generate a different serial number or password, the

company that bought the old DVD X Copy servers located in

the UK still have to approve that serial number or password

over the internet in order for DVD X Copy to work. So

unless someone knows differently and wants to mention that

in detail, I don’t see how general key generators will help

here. If you use a crack on DVD X Copy it has to be

something that modifies the program and does not need to

phone home for approval to do so.

I still urge you to look at the free DVD Shrink program.

Just do a search at: or

That is what I use. I don’t use DVD X Copy anymore.

But remember some DVD discs for whatever reasons,

no matter what program you use, are just not copyable.


Dale Ashby reply


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LOL! Are you all computer noobs or what? Cracks create a coding script into a program you use a serial number with. Which causes your computer to accept viruses.. it’s not porn so much that you get trouble with.. it’s viruses.. I have broken three computers cause of it.. reply


Whatever you do never use serial numbers. It’s highly illegal and you CAN get your IP traced to your home address. Believe me, I know two mates who are in prison for theft. It’s classed as THEFT reply


Hi Everyone,

I am going to attempt to clarify a few things and hopefully

I am accurate with my information and don’t cause more

confusion as there already seems to be.

After researching everything I could find out about DVD X

Copy on Google and Yahoo for about 40 non-stop hours, the

following is what I have come to understand:

(If anyone knows for sure to the contrary, please share your knowledge and cite your sources and help get to the bottom of all this confusion.)

Following major pressure from the USA movie industry and

much sustained legal action, on 02/20/04 a USA Federal Judge

shut down 321 Studio, the maker of DVD X Copy Gold, etc.

a USA company, for good.

The USA Federal Court said in effect, that because DVD X

Copy products could copy copyrighted movies, they violated

the USA copyright laws and therefore were illegal and they

allowed people to also violate the USA copyright laws and

produce illegally made copies of said movies.

When a USA Federal Judge “Shuts You Down For Good”, I take

that to mean DVD X Copy products can no longer ever be sold

again and the name DVD X Copy can no longer ever be used in

new marketing again.

Apparently, 321 Studio had a hugh inventory of DVD X Copy

products that as of 02/20/04 should have been removed from

the stores and warehouses and destroyed. However, some of

this inventory managed to get into the hands of many

merchants who attempted to sell either knowingly or not, DVD

X Copy products as still viable after 02/20/04 and some are

trying to sell it as still viable even today.

DVD X Copy products require three steps in order to work.

1. Install the DVD X Copy product on your computer.

2. Type in a provided serial number and password.

3. Activate the DVD X Copy product.

Without the activation step, the DVD X Copy product will not


When you tell the DVD X Copy product to activate itself, DVD

X Copy goes out on the web and contacts the DVD X Copy

activation server to ask for permission to activate. If the

server says no, the DVD X Copy product will not work.

This is the website of the current owner of the defunct DVD

X Copy’s assets.

I think they are located in the UK.

But notice, even they do not sell any DVD X Copy products.

They sell “DVD neXt Copy” only. It is a different product.

This is their DVD X Copy “re-activation” server support


Notice I said “re-activation” server. I believe this

support exists only to “re-activate” DVD X Copy products

that were bought before 02/20/04. If you cannot convince

them that you bought your DVD X Copy product before 02/20/04

then they will not “activate” it to begin with.

They decide what dates and stores they will honor from the

past, probably based on court required purchase agreements.

They don’t have to activate software that has been declared

defunct and still being illegally sold. I suggest 02/20/04

because that is when the shut down occurred. There could be

a different date and other provisions that only they know.

At some point, DVD X Copy could not be sold legally in the

USA anymore. Then the scamming began and any one selling it

today, is scamming you now. You should attempt to return

any DVD X Copy product you have recently purchased for a

refund if possible.

Even some advertisers sponsored on this forum are still

offering DVD X Copy for sale. As with other advertisers

that are still offering DVD X Copy for sale, I do not

believe these products will be activated by the

re-activation DVD X Copy server.

And I suppose at some point, the present owner of DVD X

Copy’s assets will be able to stop honoring this

re-activation process too. Since there is no more legal

money to be made from sales of DVD X Copy, it’s assets must

now be in the access to and potential sales of “DVD

neXt Copy” to all DVD X Copy customers prior to 02/20/04.

When they re-activated my DVD X Copy, they welcomed me as a

past customer, gave me 3 more activations and offered me a

discount to purchase their product, “DVD neXt Copy”.

They said no further upgrades to DVD X Copy were possible

but “DVD neXt Copy” would be consistently upgraded into the


So if you have a DVD X Copy product you have possibly 3

options to consider:

1. Convince the DVD X Copy’s re-activation server that you

bought your DVD X Copy product before 02/20/04 and receive

re-activation. I was able to do so without my sales slip.

2. If you can’t convince the DVD X Copy re-activation server

that you bought it before 02/20/04, then you are on your

own. There are however, some other potential solutions that

are mentioned on the web.

As Guest Poster Trillian mentioned in the post above, there

can be perils to using hacked or cracked software as well as

illegalities. But existing copies of DVD X Copy sold or

acquired after 02/20/04 have been abandoned and the owner

who actually made the product is gone and DVD X Copy was no

longer made after 02/20/04. By all means, don’t steal or

try to crack or hack legitimate, currently valid software.

Buy it instead.

But if it has been abandoned, the maker is out of business

and it is no longer made, I think it becomes available

experimentally for personal use.

So if you have been stuck with a copy of DVD X Copy you can

not activate, you may want to try a limited solution. Is

the present owner of the DVD X Copy re-activation server in

the UK going to sue you or is USA law enforcement going to

arrest you relative to your own copy of DVD X Copy? I don’t

know, you decide.

In any case, the solution that I found on the web does not

require using serial numbers or passwords and did not cause

my computer to accept viruses, rootkits or spyware that I

know of, as Trillian mentions. Of course Trillian is right,

some solutions can harm your computer. So always create a

restore point and backup your data and operating system

before you install unknown software. Also, scan your

computer for viruses, rootkits and spyware after you

download unknown software and again after you install it.

The solution I tried only makes the XPress Copy portion of

DVD X Copy work. But that was enough to experience a


3. Or as other posters on this forum have suggested, throw

DVD X Copy away and use another free DVD Disc backup product

instead, such as DVD Shrink and there are others too. In

some cases, you may need to use three different free DVD

Disc backup products in succession to get a result.

I had success with all 3 options but I probably spent about

100 hours researching and experimenting to get useful

results. It was an experiment for the sake of curiosity.

In retrospect, unless you can easily re-activate your copy

of DVD X Copy and it is able to consistently meet all your

DVD Disc backup needs, in my opinion, if you are so

inclined, you may want to try “DVD neXt Copy” for $69.99 or

more, which I know nothing about, or you may want to try

free DVD Disc backup software like DVD Shrink or others.

I don’t use DVD X Copy any more because I like the results I

have with option #3.

Email me directly, if you want more detailed information on

any of these 3 options.

As always, DVD disc backup of your legitimate media
should only be used to offer protection, security and
restoration to digital assets for yourself and no one else.

And as you know, you experiment at your own risk.

I hope I have helped clarify this topic.


Dale Ashby

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DVD X copy is crap.
trash can it.

This is how to rip and burn A PERFECT DVD COPY:

First …..use DVD Decrypter program version ( Do a WWW.GOOGLE.COM search to get it free from a mirror web sight. It is no longer available….to not get busted you must remember to go into the program and dissable the check for automatic updates at startup….else they will know who you are) to decode / “rip” the DVD video, set to the following:

Setting up the program to decrypt:
Under EDIT: set to select all (or main movie files..but main movie files sometimes are split up in a sub coding that hides sections of the movie in other files to piece back together as it plays…..thus you need to save ALL the movie files…unless you get lucky)

Under VIEW: set to log.

Under Mode: set to File F, not IFO, not ISO.

Under TOOLS: SETTINGS: set to defaults.

Destination: **** important: wherever you save the files to….. you must create a sub folder and save all the movie files in them named “VIDEO_TS”. Any software out their looks for all the files of a give movie to be in a single file named VIDEO_TS.
For example you want to rip/decode and copy to file C:\mymovies\starwars\VIDEO_TS\
If all the ripped movie files for a single movie are not in a sub folder called “VIDEO_TS” no burner software out there will know what to do with / or how to reconnect the separate files together into a playable movie when it comes time to burn to disk.


To burn the ripped files to a usable / playable DVD video in any DVD player:

Info: DVD movies are DOUBLE LAYER…dual layer disks….you got 2 disks glued together
And that allows movies to be as large as 8 Gig. The reader/burner lasers read through only one side..refocusing to hit either the closer layer disk…or the one behind it.

WE WANT TO BURN USING A STANDARD, CHEAP 4.7 Gig disk……..besides the Double layer disk are to expensive and not available anyway…so people don’t even have a medium to start copying anyway.

To get a movie to fit to a standard 4.7 Gig disk and play in a standard DVD player TRANSPARENTLY you need to use the correct / transparent compression software.

Fortunately there is a product out there that has this feature as a back door…glitch……
That is that when you go to burn ANY video files, the normal limiting software that wont let you burn copyrighted DVD movie files like “TS”….is missing from this company’s product.
Some copy software actualy rewrights some of your key Movie DVD files so that DVD players wont recognize them when played.

This product …if set up / configured correctly will take the large , ripped movie files from your “VIDEO_TS” sub folder…..and copy it to a 4.7 Gig using TRANSPARENT compression software.

The end product is that you wont know the difference between real vs. memorex,
i.e. 4.7 Gig vs. the real 9 Gig dual layer DVD media.


“Inter video DVD Copy Platinum”
Do a search for the “intervideo” company and you’ll find it. Or try
Its reasonably priced too……oh….they do have trial versions of the software if you don’t want to buy it first. Just download it.

Then Configure as follows:

1. Source: VIDEO_TS (where you put all the movie files for your one specific movie)
2. Target: (select your DVD burner drive)
3. Copy as: select the “DVD” button AND select the little “Entire disk” icon beneath it.
4. Properties: select the properties icon…LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE BOX WRENCH… the same row on the right side of the DVD icon.
5. Under Properties, General Settings:
6. Video System set to Auto.
7. CD Media file split mode set to 74min 640MB CD
8. Temporary path….ignor…it’s the default destination if you don’t tell it where to burn to.
9. Disk Label/File Name……since your burning illegal copies…just leave it at default “movie”….o.k.
10. Under Propertis, DVD Media: ….select / set “DVD 4.7GB” and also select / set “Output Disk Fit to one Disk”.
11. Under Properties, DivX(R): set the “DivX(R) Profile Setting” to “Home Theater (4Mbits 720x480/576”
12. Hit “OK to save settings !!!!!
13. Press the start button to burn
14. Notes: burning is a sensitive process….don’t do anything else on the computer while its running…i.e. playing on Internet or doing other programs. Also…sometimes …a lot sometimes you get bad disks….it acts like it burned ok but it wont play or acts blank. It is called cheap disks. If this happens a lot you can set your drives record / write speed lower …..go to My Comp, select your drive with RIGHT MOUSE CLICK… varies from here…drive to drive. Mostly it is just bad quality blank disks or that you have burned out your burner…this happens around 600+ copeis burned/time…you need a new burner.

T/S…tips….the only other software available for doing transparent compression burns of your VIDEO_TS file group is a program called “Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 Basic DVD” using its
“copy data to disk” under its “data” function tab…that works but this program adds tags and credits of itself to the disk….and if you used your real name and company name during registration….well that could be bad for you.

You might even want to create a re namable blank template file so each time you copy a new movie file you are only renaming the top file, not the sub file called “VIDEO_TS”.
Example: C:\movies\BLANK\VIDEO_TS

Good luck. reply


william alexander wrote:
need help activating li#881668296
pass 206368780



william alexander wrote:
need help activating li#881668296
pass 206368780



zoef wrote:

email me and i will send it to you



Please send me copy of DVD X copy as I am trying to burn my 1st DVD.

Thanks reply


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