my drive will not burn anything

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ok....i got a plextor drive that is rated to do ...well...everything...... will read dvds and cds no prob.....but i finally went to burn something....and it wont do it........apparently there is no connection.....

someone told me to turn this one windows thing on(the thing that tells it u can burn stuff..forgot the name).....and i did..well.....when i go to burn doesnt work...i check the thing i enabled...and its off now ....and i did it again and same reply

If wtf means please help me in your kid English here is a support from Plextor:
Look for your model or read the book from Plextor how to run the self diagnostic test and check the blinking led on your drive.Might help if you install a new firmware and check the media you use if is on Plextor list.If the drive is history and you’re under warranty you have to send it to the dealer for repair and if you are in US the service is better for me in Canada was a joke and I end up to buy a Pioneer after my 708A Plextor was “repaired” and sent back to me was no diference and since than the Plextor is not my favorite burner.Delivery from the Ontario was paid by me for air and was sent by surface.As you see I love Plextor so Good Luck my friend and I hope I help you or wtf? reply


well sry but wtf?? as in a question of well...wat the fuck? in wats wrong.

anyway i know how to run the tests and the reading is fine and all but when i go to the burner goes unresponsive for a bit because it like cant do anything ...i dont get it... reply


If the test is ok might be your computer and the burning software you use. First if your drive find the blank cd or the blank dvd is something good if not is the drive broken.Updating the firmware for your drive might work so why don’t you try? More technical help here: reply


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