How to burn VOB, INFO, BUP using NERO

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I can tell you how to make legal copies of your DVD’s:

You have FIVE main options when backing up DVD-Video:
1) making a FULL backup to a dual-layer disc
2) making a backup to a single-layer disc
3) converting to Divx or Xvid
4) converting to Nero Digital AVC
5) backing up full copy to hard drive for playback, but NOT burning to disc

More detail:
1) To make a FULL copy, use DVD Fab Decrypter (free version) to copy data to a hard drive folder then use Nero Burning ROM->DVD-Video to copy to a dual-layer disc
2) If you use only a single-layer disc, first look at the files using Nero Recode (Nero 7 Ultra) and see if you can remove extras and audio tracks to reach 100% so compression is not required. You can compress with Nero Recode, but I would use DVD Rebuilder Pro with CCE2. In fact, this method is so good I’m now keeping the FULL menus with only the non-english audio tracks removed. After compressing, test then burn to single layer disc, then remove the files that were created.
3) Divx (or xvid) are compressed video files. They save space but need a standalone Divx DVD player (or portable media player), a computer, or PS3 to play. I use Dr. Divx 2 with the Divx Create pack.
4) Nero Digital AVC is a codec that is SIMILAR to Divx or Xvid but has slightly superior quality in a smaller size. It is NOT compatible with Divx standalone devices but is compatible with computers, certain media players and probably HD-DVD, Blu-Ray and soon the PS3 (if not already). The PS3 can boot to the PS3 interface and a Linux interface. Appropriate “codecs” need to be loaded in Linux for playability but everything should be supported. The native PS3 interface is updated direct from Sony.
5) Standalone on computer. You will see this increasingly in the future. When the computer is hooked up to the TV, you will be able to browse to your stored DVD’s (which may also be on a hard-drive based “media server”) instead of inserting the disc. Currently, many programs (notably Nero’s Showtime or Windows Media Player) can play back the stored content though you may need to manually select the “video_ts.ifo” file and “open with...".

I can’t endorse downloading illegal content or software such as can be found on Torrent sites such as Demonoid using applications such as Azureus or uTorrent. This is equivalent to stealing and I highly recommend that no one advertise that they do this. This problem is so widespread that it is practically socially “acceptable” to do this.

I am interested in the software for backing up of my legal collection mainly due to the scratches I can’t avoid. Since I have high standards, I’m reluctant to use compression on video such as “Star Wars III” so I’m paying extra for dual-layer for part of my collection. In a year or two I intend to build a High-Def PC (Blu-Ray?) with HDMI output which will store all my DVD’s (either in folders or as ISO), act as a DVR, VOIP and more. I am currently considering buying a PS3 as it is a phenomenal deal and can act as a standalone computer. I believe LINUX will be given a huge push due to the PS3 and will become useful enough to start threatening Microsoft in two years.

By the time the PlayStation 4 comes out in perhaps five years it will be an even more incredible marriage of a mature Linux machine, video gaming console, Blu-Ray player (HD-DVD via USB in Linux)DVR, media server and more. It will be even more quiet, smaller and truly awesome. There’s no reason to learn Linux now, but keep this in the back of your mind. reply


by using dvd-camcorder, I have taken pictures. The files are of VOB, INFO, BUP extension. Please advise me as to how to open these files. reply


Hey mate

If you should buy a new standalone DVD player i have some things you should pay atention before you buy. Avi and Xvid (An more illegal version of DivX) are the most common ripped video formats. That means that it’s not a DVD image, it’s only the video and the sound but in low quality, and no changeble Subtitles or menus. For me that’s not any big problem because i don’t use the subtitles, (Training my english). But when you buy a new DVD player you should make sure that the new player can read both Avi and Xvid. It’s best if it can read many more formats to. i bought a new DVD player a month ago and it can read about 10 diferent formats of sound and video. That don’t usualy make them more expensive, only harder to find. i had to serch for some days before i found one with the formats i whanted, only about 65 USD.

Now i need some breakfast. goodluck and have fun. reply


good post photon thanks reply


ok i just got into the dvd burning stuff im a monster now and i have a few questions ok i have like a lot that im trying to burn to one dvd because its alot of like 20 minute videos and i dont wanna have a million dvds of one thing and the avi to dvd converter i used converted it to 3 seperate folders and most programs wont open up more than one folder because the are to big or somthing is there a program i can use that will allow me to open more than one folder and compress tham all together reply


I have movies files copied from a DVD CD like VOB, INFO, BUP extension included in a VIDEO_TS folder. I need to burn them into a DVD CD.I tried lots of methods but it’s not work. so I need some help on this topic.
How can I burn it in NERO 7 ??
thanks in advance... reply


Alright guys, I have a few answers. YES, you can burn with NERo 8, and I have proof infront of me. Just burning on DVD in DVD-video section. Using the Video_TS and Audio_TS folders with VOB, and ect files inside. However, for Sweet greuy right above me, as well as many downloaders, you need a converter. tranfering avi into VOb format. My choice in WINAVI 9.0. SOME free downloading sites have ripped ones that work, otherwise you must google it and pay. reply


Would appreciate if anyone could offer some help.
I’m trying to copy all my PS2 game files (23GB)from my hard disc into a few DVD+r(s) to free my hard disc space. I’ve tried using Nero but it failed and prompted to insert a CDR instead. A CDR only has a 700MB space compared to a DVD+R of a 4.72GB. How do I resolve this??? Pls help. reply


sweetgreuy... these avi movie files are referred to as DivX files (Xvid Backwards)....good quality usually, not as great as DVD tho. To burn and watch on a tv, just burn these movies with Nero, using 'Data Disk' option. They are usually under or around 1 Gig so you can fit a few on a 4.7Gig DVD cd. BUrn with a DVD burner obviously, and u need a DIVX compatible DVD player which are commonly found and not to expensive. It plays on your tv similar to how it does on the comp.
Cheers. !!! good site reply


I’m having a lot of trouble burning downloded movies mainly because there are in avi formats i’ve tried lots of things but still nothing seems to work
i’ve converted them to vob files and using nero ive burned them every thing works great but one big problem the sounds seems to be skipping i think its because the audio format is ac3 + the bit rate 432

does any body know how to do this pleasee !!!! reply



I have downloaded movies (that were originally copied from a DVD CD), and the files are of VOB, INFO, BUP extension included in a VIDEO_TS folder. I need to burn them into a DVD CD. NOW, tried lots of methods but I didnít not work, so I need some answers to a ccouple of questions here:

1-Does it make difference wether the DVD is -R or + R or anything else?

2-Can these files work on a normal CD or should it be a DVD CD?

3-How can I burn it in NERO??

4-Will any DVD player be able to play it? I have LG DVD Video

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance reply


DVD-Video files compliance test failed. The resulting DVD-Video might be unplayable. Do you want to continue? reply


When a DVD disc is placed into a standard DVD player, the player looks for a directory or folder named VIDEO_TS (Video Title Sets). For maximum compatibility, the name of this folder is expected to be in all capitals with no lowercase letters. Older DVD players also look for the additional folder AUDIO_TS (Audio Title Sets). Many modern DVD movies contain only the required VIDEO_TS folder. If the VIDEO_TS folder is not present or cannot be read, most player displays a short error message such as “No Disc” on the screen.

Once the VIDEO_TS folder is located, the DVD player makes an attempt to read the contents of the VIDEO_TS.IFO file in this folder (IFO stands for “Information”). This file contains required information and data structures to instruct the player how to play back the inserted disc. If this file is missing or it cannot be read for any reason, the DVD player makes another attempt to read the alternate file VIDEO_TS.BUP (BUP stands for “Back up”). When a DVD disc is created, authoring software creates the file VIDEO_TS.BUP as a backup copy of the VIDEO_TS.IFO. If both the VIDEO_TS.IFO and VIDEO_TS.BUP files cannot be read or accessed, most DVD player again displays the short error message such as “No Disc” on the screen.

I suggest making your own .IFO file for the vobs you have

first rename each vob file in the order you want played as:
VTS_01_3.VOB and so on..

you can create your own .IFO with this free program located here:

then burn to a blank DVD-R. just one folder on the disk named: VIDEO_TS and put the vobs and the IFO in it. reply


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kramesha wrote:
by using dvd-camcorder, I have taken pictures. The files are of VOB, INFO, BUP extension. Please advise me as to how to open these files.

the vob, info, bup extension files are Video_TS DVD folder, you can use DVD player to open these files, or learn more about how to burn Video_TS to DVD. reply

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