how do i burn a .mkv file to DVD?

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There is a software to changer the formats.

Xilisoft Video Converter!!! reply



if anyone is still looking for an EASY solution - there a piece of software that will do your conversion and burning all in one. it’s called vso convertxtodvd. nearly any video format easily transferred to dvd. reply


bluesky11 wrote:
MKV - The MKV format (Matroska Video) is an entirely free video format which belongs to HD formats.It is an alternative to the popular AVI and MP4 formats. I downloaded a DVD creator software last week which can convert and burn mkv file to DVD smartly.It also works for avi, mov,mpg,flv files and so on.

Convert and burn mkv file to DVD tips

It’s an exe file for Windows user, what if the Mac user? is there a mac version? reply

You need to buy “Nero 10”, but make sure you purchase the extra required license for DTS, and BluRay Video/Authoring Plugins. You can burn MKV directly to DVD without having to spend hours converting which results in quality loss. Make sure you buy “NERO 10”, the older versions do not support MKV (BluRay). reply



Converting MKV to DVD is easy but what I want to know is how do I do this without affect or compressing the DTS audio?

From a 10gig 1080P MKV I can get a great looking DVD on 2 DVD dual layers, but for some reason I can never get back my true DTS sound it’s always stereo or AC3.

Anyone have any way to do this? reply


Just use VSO ConvertXtoDVD converter it supports all formats.
even matrovski formats :) reply


MKV to DVD Mac software can help you
if you want to convert mkv to other video, you can use mkv converter for mac reply



use hamster to convert any video file to any format including a codec option for DVD then it will burn as well play dood reply


I just tested a good program - Mac DVD Creator, it can easily burn .mkv files to dvd on Mac.

Cheers. reply

anonymous wrote:
Since matroska (mkv) is a rather exotic format, you will have to do the conversion in two steps. First you’ll have to convert the file to avi, then from there you can do your dvd authoring.
For mkv the conversion tool of choice is virtualdubmod (not to be confused with plain old virtualdub).
Once you open your file in virtualdubmod, pick direct stream copy for both audio and video (if it allows it) and save as an avi (that way you don’t have to do any recompression).

yo i tried to do this but the app wont open, when i try i get a dialog that says “The program can’t start because corona.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." I have Windows7 HP 64bit HELP lol reply


What is MKV?

MKV is a container format developed by Matroska. It can hold different types of video and audio. For example, there might be an .AVI file contained within the .MKV file.

The Matroska Multimedia Container is an open standard free Container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file. It is intended to serve as a universal format for storing common multimedia content, like movies or TV shows.Matroska is similar in conception to other containers like AVI, MP4 or ASF, but is entirely open in specification, with implementations consisting mostly of open source software. Matroska file types are .MKV for video (with subtitles and audio), .MKA for audio-only files and .MKS for subtitles only. High Definition movies in 720 or 1080 pixel width format are often encoded and packaged as a Matroska format video with a .mkv file extension. reply


If you want to play in DVD format, then run your files through ConvertXtoDVD. It’s simple. Drag, drop, and hit convert. It handles a wide variety of file types, and is a fantastic program overall. Simple to use as well. reply


I suggest you use Boilsoft DVD Creator to have a try. It supports almost the video formats. Maybe it can help you.
Reference: reply


I’d just put it in iMovie, and then make a DVD reply

Orlando wrote:
okay, this board needs some reassurance.

I deal with MKV files on a regular basis, and im going to clear up any misconceptions.

for all you people out there saying “this guy is an idiot for putting it as a mkv file, what a noob he could of just used avi.." ...please, dont even bother opening your mouth if you dont know what your talking about.

MKV files are a new revolutionary way to pack information. An AVI is a codec used to play movies. an mkv file like a breifcase where you can put multiple layers of video and audio. NOT a codec. It could have multiple layers of audio, and video. This is good for true surround sound and dvd-like menus. It also has other cpu advantages, but theres really no point getting into that.

Now as for conversion.

As of today, there seems to be no way to convert an MKV file to a dvd while MAINTAINING THE HIGH DEFINITION RESOLUTION. Burning in 720p from mkv, right now, isnt possible.

but for you people out there who dont mind burning in 480 (regular dvd, standard definition resolution- 720 x 480 ) than its quite simple. All you need is one simple program. Its called Convert X to DVD by VSO. You can choose for it to fit on a dvd-5 or dvd-9, to get better quality. (dvd-9 is a dual layer, dvd-5 is a regular blank dvd) THATS ALL YOU NEED! the newer versions even burn it for you! conversion takes about an hour, for dual layer add another half to full hour to that. burning is burning, and ur done.

this is for people like people like Daz2. dont talk shit about something you know nothing about. Stupid people like you polute the internet and slow the process of evolution down. I dont understand how people can be as arrogant as you. Calling people noobs because your brain cant comprehend what your hearing.

What if I had blu-ray burning and discs. Is it possible to burn my 720p mkv’s to that and then play in blu-ray player? reply







With MKV to DVD Converter, you can burn your MKV movies to DVD quickly and smoothly. With just one click, the program will convert and burn MKV files to DVD automatically and promise you the conversions are completed quickly with the best quality

Aimersoft DVD Creator - Convert MKV to DVD disc!

This MKV to DVD Converter can convert AVI, Mpeg, Mpeg4, DivX, Xvid, MOV, WMV, WMV HD, DV, MKV, DVD to DVD and more...
Withe the MKV to DVD Converter, you You can create your own menu, merge files, add custom chapters, control burning speeds, and add original source files to the DVD! Multiple audio tracks are also supported.
This MKV to DVD Converter is one of the best DVD Creators that equipped with a fast and quality encoder you get excellent results quickly. reply


all friends use nero vision 2010. here all video format write in dvd format. reply


here is the download link nero vision.

down load the software and write any type of video in dvd format with out any conversion.

more details please mail me reply


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