'File Not Supported' when burning data dvd AVI file for DVD Player Use

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I am trying to burn an avi file onto a dvd disc so I can play it in a loop on my dvd player.

I have tested it earlier in the week with previously created disc with avi’s on it and it worked fine, so the DVD player can pick them up.

But something I am doing in my burning process now is incorrect because I am getting the msg ' File not supported' when trying to play the avi through the player.

The avi I am using this time is encoded with XVid, 1280 X 720.

I am wondering if my resolution is off for my tv. My tv is a 720p tv. BUT I stream movies through my xbox and play avis that way - tried it wtih this one I am trying to burn and it worked! but I need it on the dvd player for travel.

To burn I am using Nero 9 and chose the express option - create data dvd, burn, finalize.. no multisession.

Any helps is greatly appreciated!! reply

Try someother DVD burning tool, I think Nero9 is old and it can not support some new format ! reply

To loop a disc, it needs to be authored so it loops. I’ve used Ulead DVD Workshop 2 and Final Cut Pro to produce loops for trade shows.

A good disc doesn’t hurt either. See www.nomorecoasters.com for help on choosing the best blank DVDs. reply


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Could be one of a couple of things
1: it could be related to frame rate, for instance standard DVD players usually work at 23 to 25 per second, if you’re files frame rate is 30 frames per second, you’re player won’t support it, you’re player may support a USB stick at a higher frame rate but not a disc, or
2: I’ve always used a little math. I use windows media player for burning my data discs, mainly 'cause I’m lazy and it works just fine. If you get a file that says 1280 x 720 for arguments sake, and your player is 720P, then you have to convert the file to AVI (or Xvid) 640 x 360, in some cases I have to get my calculator out and re-size by percentage, for instance, some dickhead will put up a file that is (example) 936 x 432, probably works fine a 1280p player, but I have a 720P player.
So download a decent converter like Freemake Video Converter, it’s free and easy to use, re-size your file like this: 936 minus 25% = 702 and 432 minus 25% = 324, so now it’s 702 x 324, keeps the screen ratio right, don’t go under the original files bite rate, and you’re quality should be just fine. Better still get a USB media player, like a Western Digital Media Center (about $120) use 16 GB USB sticks (about $10) and dump the discs altogether, a Western Digital Media Center can play just about any format or frame rate.
Or you’re problem could be in file permissions, is it protected?

Hope I’ve offered something that helps. :-) reply


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