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I am as rookie as it gets with burning dvd’s and I recently installed a dvd burner that came with nero express 5.5 on my windows xp os. I don’t have any problem watching saved video files on my computer but when I try to burn one, nothing happens (message= program not responding or program is being used by another application)after the file is encoded, which took 1 hour and 32 minutes.

I have tried to research this topic and became more confussed at the numer of conflicting suggestions.

Is encoding necessary on all files?

I am pretty sure that I have all of the codec’s.

What is the best way for me to produce high quality dvd’s with this nero express 5.5?

Any ideas on what I did or didn’t do to cause the process to become incomplete?

My burner does not appear to be on the nero.com website list.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Jason reply

Hi Jason

encoding sometimes necessary becuase if u want to play video on CD-DVD-Player you must encoding the videos format from MPEG or AVI to DVD-AVI format and it is 720x576, so if u have video on 640x480 or 352x288 it must be encode to DVD format 720x576.(DVD is MPEG2)

the quality depend on your videos if it capture well , i mean its actully on 720x576 when u capture it, the quality will be totally perfect even better than DVB(digital-video-broadcasting).
so its all depend on video quality

if u try to burn dvd-disc make sure what type of disc u use , maybe your disk is DVD-R and burner only support DVD+R ver.2 so you must use DVD+R not DVD-R (you didn’t tell us what DVD-burner u use)[Sony DVD-burner support different formats of cds , also Iomega, and new one MSI burner)

to expalin this point well check www.aopen.com and check DRW4410 burner..is you saw what type of disc it can write’Data Transfer’you will see it use DVD+R disc but if u check the 'Supported Format'[what kind of cd it read] u will see it can read the DVD-R but it can’t write on it.

if i won’t appear for nero program try to update it maybe 5.7 support it

If you see that nero is not helpful for you , try to use 'Easy cd creator 6’or if u always want to make Dvd-video disc try to use 'Ulead DVD moviefactory’it can edit/capture/extract to dvd-disc.

last advice .... try to update ASPI drvier for your burner [i don’t know what burner u use???is it work by IDE cable or SCSI]. reply


Dear Author,

Please accept my thanks for your time and expertise. I truely appreciate your interest in helping me out and I hope someone returns your favor soon!

PS. It turns out that Nero 5.5 does not author video, so I’m on to looking for a program that does.

Jason reply


what about using Ulead DVD moviefactory its totally awsome program for beginner and for peofessional :)just u start use it you start to like it.

there are many authoring programs for DVDs
or what about TMPGENC DVD Author,(that actully if u like TMPGEnc.

and there are program to everything but i can’t whisper the name of it.(it totally secret they, use it for things that can’t be done by any program like EZCDCreator or Nero or others)

...jason do you know what the name of it ;) reply


hi Technical_Sp
do you think Ulead DVD moviefactory is better than TMPGENC DVD Author i havent tried Ulead DVD
thanks reply


Yes please! What is the program. I have limited funds, so hopefully its not too expensive.

Thank you,

Jason reply


i checked out Ulead DVD moviefactory i think its better than TMPGENC DVD Author, download a demo of ulead from their web site its free and get a crack for it reply


Thanks For All your help chaps :) I’ve been wondering what i’ve been doing wrong for the last 3 months LoL

I’m just Downloading the Ulead DVD moviefactory trial I’ll let you know how it turns out reply


any one know of other program’s like Ulead DVD moviefactory that are better
thanks reply


yes Jason , yes doh

Ulead DVD.Moviefactory is great program to make DVDs or other type of videos CDs also if u make DVD cds it can make Interface to it and many other features

when u start to use it, you will like it reply


Errrm sorry chaps but I’ve just downloaded the trial version and got the crack to make it into the full version but when I try to open an AVI file to burn it onto disc I just get the error msg saying this file is not acceable. I’ve looked in the read me file to see what I’m doing wrong but it has n’t got the answers.

can anybody help ?:( reply


i never tried put an avi into it an mpeg does no problem. try convert the avi to mpeg. not too sure if it can take an avi reply


its not hard , if you can’t save your work , try export it will help reply


U.N.C.L.E.: Scan the original AVI for errors:

If it has errors this is probably the reason Ulead pops up these errors (I haven’t actually used Ulead DVD Moviefactory before though). reply


Okay, I got it. You guys freaken rock!!! reply


I just bought a DVD burner and tried to burn a movie I downloaded from KAZAA.

The movie and sound play well on my computer, but when I play the burned DVD in my DVD palyer attached to my TV, i get a stuttering audio track.

Any ideas? reply


Just go here and it explains how to burn.

http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/dvd9_to_dvdr_with_dvd_shrink.cfm reply


Hi all!!

Ive just managed to burn mpegs movie files onto dvd+Rw, but I should love to know if i can compress a movie file so that it can fit onto one dvd, i know im missing something somewhere!!

If anyone knows please tell me

Thanx reply


Are you talking DVD-to-DVD? If so visit:


If you are trying to burn an MPEG to play on your DVD player, you have to use the DVD/MPEG2 format. For all things video burning (compression/decompression, burning, decoding, DVD player stats (make sure your DVD player can even play the format you are trying to burn, such as DVD+R or DVD-R), software, etc.), visit:


Hope that is of some help. reply


thanx for the input trancer.

Finally managed to burn gladiator onto dvd..just need to find some down loads with good quality movies.

any ideas? reply


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