Burning files to dvd after using dvd shrink 3.2

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I recently used dvd shrink to rip a movie onto my computer so that I could burn it onto a dvd. The rip was successful, but I found that I have 8 different files now and their formats include .bup, .ifo, and .vob. I tried to burn them onto a dvd using 123 copy dvd, but when I tried to open the files in the program, they didn’t show up. I am thinking that the program does not support the file types. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to burn this dvd? reply

If you have all those files in one video ts folder you can use clone DVD2 and burn it on dvd just point to video ts folder.If you have more then one video ts folder you may use Nero Vision Express and add only vob files from your folders.What is good with Nero if the size of your dvd is bigger than 4.38 Gb and you don’t want to use a dvd 9 is a choice to burn the dvd in long play or Super long play and fit the size in a dvd 5.Here is a link for Clone DVD2:http://www.slysoft.com/en/ and here one for Nero:http://www.nero.com/us/nero-up.php Good Luck reply


I second that! Download CloneDVD2, along with AnyDVD. They are the easiest to use and I’ve never had any problems with them, unlike DVD Shrink. AnyDVD decodes; CloneDVD2 rips and burns to DVD. Excellent quality and absolutely no errors in 30 or so burns I’ve done over the past month.

If you want a drastically smaller file size on the resulting file, try using DVD-to-AVI. It also works great, although it’s slightly less reliable. A few errors here and there. Then you can burn the file to a CD or keep it on your computer without taking up 3 or 4 GB of space.

- Mike reply


Thank you very much! I’m trying out the CloneDVD2. However, I now have another problem. The program won’t pick up the dvd+r that I have in the drive. I have heard a lot about windows xp not allowing dvd burning.. Any thoughts? reply


I have some movies that I downloaded onto my computer. I would now like to put them onto DVD’s. How do I do this? I honestly have no idea where to even start. reply


Does anyone know how to get the newly shrunk dvd to play on my computer? what program can i use? reply


I am using my PC’s default burner that came with Windows 7, and that is Nero. Works awesome for me! Just drag or click “add” to the DVD menu and it practically does all the work for you! :-) reply


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