Burned DVD stops for no apparent reason

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I’ve burned a compilation dvd using tmpgenc dvd author. My problem is that when I play the dvd (on a computer or standalone dvd player) and choose a track other than track 1, or I try to skip ahead to the next track the dvd stops. Then, if I try to play the dvd again, it will play the first track instead of going to the menu (and again will stop if you try to skip to a different track).

I converted the .avi files I had to .vob using WINavi, then authored the dvd in tmpgenc dvd author. I was having sync problems with this so I ended up using the original .vob files (that WINavi outputted) with the menu files. Maybe this has caused the problem but I don’t see why the first track would work and the others wouldn’t.

Any ideas? reply

Well, I tried copying the other related files (the .bup and .ifo files for the VTS_01_x files). When I did this, it said in the dvd writing tool that the dvd was invalid and wouldn’t burn. I tried copying the .bup and .ifo files for the video_ts files and that allowed me to burn, but now the menu doesn’t work (i assume because i copied the menu files which don’t actually have a menu).

There has to be a way around this, but I’ve run out of ideas. reply


If your avi is coming from a ripped dvd the uploader removed a lot of stuff to make the file smaller.Too bad did not work with TMPGEnc Author on this you can make the menu the way you like it.If you have a video ts folder and try to burn it with Nero using Vision bup and ifo file will be deleted before burning and only vob the image for dvd is going to burn.Here is a link to a tutorial how to put a bin on a dvd use the part you need it for burning but if you have only one track on your dvd the player won’t find the next one or the menu.http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/207083 reply


thanks for the reply...

the dvd itself is 7 episodes of a tv series that were ripped from a dvd and converted to .avi (xvid). I don’t really want to use nerovision as I just stopped using it due to crashing and the fact that I like dvd author’s menu creation better.

I don’t know anything about .bin files and the files themselves aren’t .bin so I don’t know if that’s the best way to go about it.

Would it be better to convert the .avi files to .mpeg rather than .vob and see if that fixes the original issue of the audio gradually running further and further out of sync? reply


...also I tried burning the compilation using nero 6 and about 5% into the burning it failed, wasting a dvd, so I don’t want to try using nero again anytime soon. reply


UPDATE: Well, using tmpegenc 3 xpress and dvd author I managed to create a working dvd with no sync issues... Now my only problem is that sometimes xpress will have an error while converting to .vob/.mpeg. Anyone else have this issue or know of any fixes? I just don’t want to start it converting overnight and have it stop working halfway through the first file or anything. reply


When I want to burn avi’s and put them on DVD, I use WinAVI, VSO (DivxtoDVD) or DVDSanta. I’ve never had success with that Nero vision stuff. Anyway, get those programs and DVD Shrink and you’re all set. reply


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