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This plug-in allows playback of videos recorded in extra fine mode with certain Panasonic D-Snap digital camcorders.
The “official” download page requires the user to enter a part number (which is ridiculous, since not everyone who needs to play back a video has a D-Snap camera - it could have been sent by a friend); fortunately some kind soul who obtained it mirrored it here.

Installation tips: You may want to create an empty folder on your desktop before running this. The program will ask (in japanese) for a destination to extract to, so pick the folder you just created. Then go to that folder and run setup.exe.
Credits: Many thanks to JuanMeminpiloto for unearthing the solution to this one; it was one of our 'unsolved' for a long time.
Other notes: This codec seems confined to the ASF/WMV container.



download Download mpeg4_update.exe (Windows (all))
File size: 4,593,357 bytes

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Updated: 09-13-2011

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