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This package includes the following codecs from the Windows Media series:

MPG4: Microsoft MPEG-4 Version 1
MP42: Microsoft MPEG-4 Version 2
MP43: Microsoft MPEG-4 Version 3
MP4S: Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 Version 1
M4S2: Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 Version 1.1
MSS1: Windows Media Screen 7
MSS2: Windows Media Screen 9
WMVP: Windows Media Image
WVP2: Windows Media Image 2
WMV1: Windows Media Video 7
WMV2: Windows Media Video 8
WMV3: Windows Media Video 9
WMVA: Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile

– Most Microsoft codecs are an automatic download if you have Windows Media Player and are connected to the internet.
– Some of these (M4S2, MSS2, WMVP, WVP2, WMVA) are not available for older versions of Windows (notably 95, 98 First Edition, and NT 4.0)

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 Download Microsoft Codecs Installation Package


Microsoft Codecs Installation Package was added to for AV Recievers(06-29-2006).

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Updated: 04-07-2010