Volume codec glitch in windows Media Player

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I’ve just reinstalled my windows xp pro and upon reinstalling my audio/video codec packs for media viewing...Im having a problem with the volume constantly maximizing if I seek forward or even open a new file. No matter what if I open a file or click ahead into a avi or mpeg the volume will go to the max...now the actual volume bar wont move and if I click on the volume bar the volume will go to the correct level that its set too but im stumped? Also its only Windows Media Player 10 and classic and Real player that seem to have the problem...cause I also use Winamp and it seems unaffected. Any Ideas? Thanks. reply

hey! i have the same problem.. i’m looking for help and trying to work it out in the meantime.. iTunes 5 doesn’t seem to have the problem. (Audigy 2-XP home) I’m wondering if it’s something to do with installing the audigy, it seemed to happen after I put it in, but I’m not sure if they’re related.. reply


I had the very same problem. Here’s my details & Fix for the volume problem when moving the slider anywhere along the timeline and have it jump in volume no matter what you do.

I have an Audigy 2 Soundcard ( don’t think this has a bearing really because I believe this to be a codec issue)

1. Uninstall Soundcard.

2. Driver Cleaner Pro ( driverheaven.net ) reply


Hey, this is a well known issue, I got the solution from the WMP forums;

It’s nothing to do with the codecs - The problem is with older Audigy 2 drivers. You need to go to www.creative.com and download the latest driver for your Audigy 2. reply


I have download a video file from bitcommet and it wont play audio in windows media player for vista.
Can anyone help reply


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