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Holla all

i need some help...;-)

i got a old vid send by mail from a friend.
now i cant get sound, so i used g-spot on it.

g-spot says it is “Intel Music Coder” (IMC) used in this vid. so i was on the intel hompage to get it, but cant find it. Anyone knows where to get, or better can send it to me???

in advance thanks@all
HUB reply


Thanks found in the forum the link reply



I am having the same problem. Where did you find the codec?? reply

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Im also having a problem with playing a file and so I downloaded VideoInspector and it tells me that i need the Intel Music Coder, now I tried installing the one mentioned above but it stil doesnt work!!

now ive noticed that the codec doesnt support Windows ME (which is what i have) so is there anything else I can get or do?

any help would be much appreciated reply


i don’t know. reply


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