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Hi, I know for sure that i’m not the first person to have this problem, but i am having real trouble finding a fix to it.

The problem is that i am missing the MS ADPCM (0x0002) audio codec in Windows XP and as such i can get beautiful pictures with my video files, but no sound. I know that this codec should come with Windows, but for whatever reason i don’t have it on my version. I have checked the Win32 directory and the msadp32.acm file, which i believe is the codec file, is there.

So if anyone thinks they can help solve my problem and stop me pulling the rest of my hair out then i would be very greatful.



I am having the same exact problem and have been searching for codec packs to install and codecs to install to fix this problem but I havent been able to do it yet, I was looking through this message board to see if someone else had this problem and knew how to fix it but looks like Im out of luck again.. Well hopefully someone answers your question soon, cuz then my prayers will be answered 2. reply


I have a solution. !:)

No promises that it will work, but it has for me. :)

I only know this works for XP Pro as this is the version that I had the problems on.

Please post and let me know how you get on. If successful then I will post this solution around a bit since I spent almost a week tearing my hair out and trying to find a solution to it. It seems a lot of people have this problem and no-one seems to have a 'good' solution. Also, I think the problem may have arisen from an incompatibility issue between VirtualDub and TMPGEnc - are you running these programs too by any chance. Good luck and a look forward to your reply.

Choose Start > Control Panel > Add hardware. Click ‘Next’.

Choose 'Yes, I have already connected the hardware', then click ‘Next’.

Choose 'Add a new hardware device' (at the bottom of the list) and click ‘Next’.

Choose 'Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)', and click ‘Next’.

Select 'Sound, video and game controllers' and click ‘Next’.

Select '(Standard system devices)' and click 'Have Disk'.

Click 'Browse' when you get the 'Install From Disk' dialog box and open the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

In here you will find the mmdriver.inf file. Select it and click ‘Open’.

Click 'OK' in the 'Install From Disk' dialog box.

If you see a warning about logo compatibility, just click 'Continue Anyway'.

Now you should see a list of audio codec’s. Amongst it you should find Microsoft ADPCM Audio Codec and IMA ADPCM Audio Codec (the two that I was missing) and many others. You can install what you require from here.

You need to install them one by one so select each in turn and click ‘Next’. This should re-install the codec (for the IMA ADPCM you will need your Windows XP CD, and for both you will need to restart your computer before the codec works). Repeat the procedure for each codec for which you need support

If you are asked for a .dll file with the IMA codec, use the one in the system32 folder.

Good Luck!!!

:) :) :) :)


Ya I just did this and it says “Cannot load the Microsoft ADPCM Audio CODEC driver. The driver file may be missing. Try installing the driver again." Ok now what do I do when it says that? reply


Sorry man, no idea. This worked for me, so i didn’t do anything else. I just played about with it until i got this, maybe you should do the same.

If all else fails then format and re-install :(
It’s a pain in the @ss, but it’s half a day’s work and your up and running again. reply


I think you need another codec,You can use VideoToolBox to idintfy the codec you need.
For me it’s ( creative_adpcm (0x0200) “Creative Labs, Inc” ) it’s a very old codec.I search all over the net and found nothing. But I found a program Windows Media On-Demond Producer ( ) . I installed it and every thing go’s wright. The program instaal the codec in system directory not in system32 directory.
The codec file name is ( CTADP32.ACM ). You can just put it there and that’s it.
I have The file Ican send it to you if you want ( 11.5 KB ).
I wish you luck.
NadER reply


Hey there!
Just to let you know i followed a similar procedure in windows 2000 professional and it works as well. There is the possibility of asking for a file from the i386 directory of the windows cd

Thanks :) reply



Thanks Marco! Your sollution worked fine on my machine! No problem at all :)

(XP Proffessional with SP1) reply


I’m king of the world :) :) :) :)

.....or should that be just lucky....??? ?:( reply

Hi Marco !

Yes I confirm : you’re the King of the world
I also had my ADPCM codec scratched by this stupid ACE MCP593 codec pack (beware everybody...) and I managed to reinstall it using your method

Thanks a lot and greetings from France !


AWESOME! Worked exactly as stated.. I wish you had a “support me” paypal button and I woulda gave you a few bucks... saved me from the repair guy! :) reply


If only I’d known.......internet entrepreneurialism by-passed me obviously. I guess i’ll have to stick to the day job....... reply


Thanks a lot for the help. I use both Virtualdub and Tmpgenc. In another forum it was suggested that it could be caused by the Ace Mega Codec Pack. I had recently downloaded the new version.

Thier solution was incorrect.

Yours worked.

I would like to mention that after selecting “Microsoft Adpcm Audio Codec” and clicking Next Next, it asked for file MSADP32.ACM.
I found this file in c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386 rather than using my disk.

Thanks again!


It helped me also.
Having the ADPCM codec fonctionning again resolved also some other problems I didn’t know I had.

Thanks for this very fast and simple method.
I like it. >;^)

(La Vache Qui Rit française) reply


I like Marco advice. It works on my XP pro.

All i needed to do was to FIND where on my PC file MSADP32.ACM is located.
It was in very funny folder $NTServiceParkuninstall$. But it could be becouse i used SP2 from MS-site. reply


This solution worked for me too, Thank you!!

And i’m not using virtual dub, but do use tmpgenc.

Hadn’t installed the ace megapack.

And thank you for the tip on finding the file in the windowsupdate\i386. That worked great.

Thank youuuuuuuuu!
Bev reply


I know this is slightky off thread but you’ve helped me before. For some reason I’ve lost my volume icon on my taskbar. I have Windows XP pro (and its not hidden) I can control it with an icon i placed on my quicklaunch. Is there anything that can be done to restore it using the same method of restoring old codecs? Thanks reply


marco THANKX A LOT YOUR METHOD WORKED FOR ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILLION THANKX FROM OZLAND reply


Greetings from Brasil my King Marco
Now I can watch 'with sound' my Aphex Twin - Aparatus video clip!!
You are really a great guy !!
Thx a lot........ :)



Where can I download ADPCM Codec?


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