These rules can change at any time without notice, and it is your own responsibility to keep up to date with them.

  1. Cracks, warez, serialz, illegal files (this includes using other peoples copyrighted works without permission) etc. You are not allowed to discuss these things or post links to these things! Posting or using plagiarized work falls under this rule also.
  2. Suicide; In the past, and occasionally stil, suicide is discussed – in relation to this you are NOT allowed to ask how you can kill yourself, nor are you allowed to post suggestions or to encourage (immediately and without warning this will cause a ban) people to do it.
  3. Watch your language a bit please. Excessive profanity or excessive flaming will not be tolerated. Please also respect other people in particularly sensitive topics (ie. suicide related topics) and refrain from posting inflamatory/extremely insensitive remarks.
  4. Posting death threats is strictly forbidden, if you do this a ban is likely, especially if you ignore warnings. This also includes veiled death threats.
  5. Discrimination against certain racial groups, a certain sex, sexual orientation or otherwise is generally also NOT allowed. Debate is welcome, even heated debates, ie. about religion; but you have no right, or permission, to post inflamatory or clearly rediculous allegations against certain religons etc. Clarification: Discrimination/degrading marks against unpopular/morally questionable groups (such as nazism) is in many cases pointless or inflamatory and because of that constitutes spam rather than discrimination. does NOT defend these groups in any way!
  6. Spamming the forums, obviously, is not allowed.
  7. You are responsible for anything that you post, not the staff of If you disagree with this, DO NOT POST.
  8. Keep to the point! If a topic is for discussing a specific problem or question, posting replies that are totally unrelated will get moderated (ofcourse the moderators do realize that some topics do not have a specific purpose or point so the “keep to the point” rule is taken much more leniently here).
  9. Posting or linking to pornographic material is strictly prohibited.
  10. Posting personal information like SN numbers, addresses or personal images without permission is not allowed. Doing so can easily lead to being banned.
  11. You are NOT allowed to discuss or mention of any kind of method or tools that can be used in any way to circiumvent security on, spam on, or otherwise exploit If you discover any such means/tools tell me about it in a PM, do not ever post it publicly. Clearly talking about using such methods/tools on the forums is looked very harshly upon (potentially bans without warning).
  12. Multiple bans: in some cases where a person has broken certain rules with one of his accounts and been banned for that, a moderator may ban other of that persons’ accounts (if he has certain knowledge that these other accounts are held by the SAME person). Generally this rule should only come into effect with serious breaches of the rules, also the bans on the additional accounts shouldn’t be as harsh as that on the rule-breaking account.
  13. The same rules regarding contents of posts applies to the username used/registered. And in addition to this, it is not allowed to create very long/wide usernames for the purpose of breaking the design on the site.
  14. Being sexually flirtatious is not tolerated on this site. And adults playing games, flirting, or ‘joking’ (sexual connotations) with minors is strictly prohibited. Not only will this result in accounts getting banned, but also, if it makes sense in the specific case, the offenders will be reported to the police.
  15. Impersonating other members is not allowed and in extreme cases can be subject to admin/superuser forced account rename. In terms of impersonating guests etc. read the notice in the FAQ: it is still the view of this site that guests don’t have any particular “right” to their guest “name”, so this rule doesn’t apply to guests.
  16. Admins are not allowed to lend access to their accounts to other people. This only leeds to confusions and abuse. It doesn’t matter if the admin says he “trusts” the other person, the other person has NOT been appointed admin.