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MovieCodec, a 21 year old website is dedicated to it’s readers in the area of movie codecs, video and audio conversions, encoding, playback and entertainment at home and in office! We also expand now into Home AV and Home theater, HTPC, Music systems, streaming, youtube entertainment and movie news amongst other related things.

The site MovieCodec.com was founded by Bjarne Ljundgren, From Denmark. Bjarne had spectacular success with this website and he devoted his keen technical skills to provide millions of users with much required downloads and codecs that he has expertise in. The site came into limelight in 2005 when it was unsuspectingly hit by millions of users who found interest for the keyword “I am lonely” This was followed like a craze in the forums too.

Wired.com (2005):

MovieCodec.com, which lets participants post anonymously, has become a kind of pseudo-Samaritan. But Bjarne Ljundgren, the site’s Danish webmaster, said he had not expected his forum would become the web’s top hangout for lonely folk.

“The website is about video and audio codecs, editing and conversion — that this topic has gotten this amount of popularity has surprised me a lot,” he said.

“Like-minded people tend to flock together and, in this case, Google helped in flocking them together on my site,” he added.

Wired.com: Misery Loves Cyber Company!

Recently Bjarne has moved on with his new endeavors and currently the site is managed by Adrian Lawson (founder; openfront global resources) and B.Yadav, who has a rich technical experience in working as L1-L3 tech in two of the world’s top computer companies. We also have writers joining from technical areas with deep and rich experience for the best answers and advice in the field.

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