Trim MP4/h264 video file WITHOUT tools

Yeah, I need it to run on a server running ASP page.
I can’t use any external tools like ffmpeg.
I want my video file to be trimmed from eg. 5sec to 20sec,
so I get a new, 15sec long video.

All I can do is copy raw binary data from mp4 files to make new one.

And this (more or less) works if I start at the beginning of the video. But if I start in the middle of the video it doesn’t play.

I copied entire header, and then an approximate bytes from both video and audio stream, calculated from simple equation like avgBitrate * duration or similar.

I use C#, but will appreciate any help.
Maybe I have to somehow rewrite the header, or am I missing something in the video stream? reply

08-28-2012 10:57 AM

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