How to play Subtitles ??!!

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Please Help !? ?:( ?:(

I have a foreign movie in .avi format. I have also managed to find subtitles for it (.sub), but seperately. How can I make it play subtitles at the same time as the movie is rolling?

Thanks a lot in advance, I really want to watch this movie ?:( reply

01-07-2004 03:27 PM

Nah, not BUT separately. ARE separate.

Subtitles are always separate IF they’re not hardcoded into the films from the beginning.

First - install a media player capable of playing subtitles, not all do (Windows Media Player is one that doesn’t!). One that does IS BSPlayer:

Basically, just install BSPlayer, then put the .sub file in the same directory/folder which your video/movie file is in. Now open BSPlayer and enable subtitles.

Also make sure your .sub file has the same name as your video/movie file. BSPlayer itself pretty much has other hints & tips for this. reply

01-07-2004 08:40 PM
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You can also download radlight

there is a “s” for choosing subtitles, just click on it and enjoy your movie.

Douglas. reply

01-08-2004 08:45 AM

:::: WMP 9.0 ::::

Make sure that the file name and the subtitles name are the same (minus the extensions, .avi and .sub respectivley). Put them in the same directory before you load the file into WMP 9.0 and it will play the subtites no prob-bob. reply

05-01-2004 01:22 AM

You can to use a sofware as avisubtitler to mix .avi with .sub. then you´ll can play the two at anyone player. reply

07-26-2004 12:40 PM

Hi, I have a question, is there a way for me to add subtitles to a vcd
or dvd while watching the original subtitles?substituting them one by

here´s my dilemma: I’ve been asked to translate loads of asian flicks,
which come with English subtitles, into Spanish.

I speak good English but I don´t speak Thai, Korean, Chinese or
anything else,so I need to look at the English subtitles before
translating them into Spanish. I´m wondering if I can load the disc,
view it and somehow stop it to substitute the English subtitle for my
own Spanish subt.

is that possible?

thanx in advance... reply

04-21-2005 12:19 PM
david legaria

I downloaded a rar file. where can i download .sub file for battle royale II? Tanx reply

01-17-2006 12:20 PM
amine fan

Download the full version of the pack. Use it with mplayerc which is hands down the best mediaplayer for windows period. reply

01-25-2006 03:53 PM

uh anime fan i also dl’ed battle royale II and the sub file came with it so if u want it e mail i’ll send it to u reply

05-23-2006 01:40 AM

i have seven swords it was orignally in 2 parts but i converted it into one and i also have 2 subtitle files but how do i make it in to one file or where can i find the subtitles to download reply

Hi Baby VIII,

would you send me the Sub file for Battle Royale II, please? That would be perfect thanxs :)! reply

06-08-2006 09:34 AM

I have bsplayer installed on my computer and I know how to load subtitles. But the subtitles I have are NOT synchronized. How can I remediate to it ?

I remember a friend told me how, push ctrl+ scroll, or something like that, can someone help me, thx! reply

06-19-2006 05:55 AM


I Would really like to know where can i find movie subtitles, because i already have the bs player but y cant fin any subtitles reply

08-05-2006 02:47 PM

you can download subtitles from ....different languages subttile are available here. reply

09-16-2006 10:03 PM
Guest here

I just installed a program called Bsplayer.
Some friend told me that this program can create a subtitles for any movie.
Can someone help me on that?
Even a user guide could help me a lot
Thank you reply

11-25-2006 10:10 AM

denipavla wrote:
I just installed a program called Bsplayer.
Some friend told me that this program can create a subtitles for any movie.
Can someone help me on that?
Even a user guide could help me a lot
Thank you


unfortunately BSplayer can not create subtitles. It can only show subtitles which you find files for your movie from internet.

basicly, you must find subtitles which is suitable for your movie after that BSplayer can show your movie with subtitles to you..

by reply

11-25-2006 03:49 PM

Thank you for answering.

where can i find a program who create subtitles?

bye reply

11-27-2006 11:29 AM

hey... I Did wot ppl told me to do bowt the subtitles...i clicked on load subtiles n evrything but it doesnt work! My subtile is SUB file... can sum 1 help pls?! reply

12-05-2006 04:22 AM

How can i subtitle grave in video??
so that i have one video file and in him subtitle..
Thanks reply

12-13-2006 08:43 PM

Trying to do this as well, but both programs reccomended back then now recquire you to download “When U Save” to use it. I’m not gonna put spyware on my CPU, so does anyone know any other way to do this?

I have the movie, and the .sub. They have the same name, and are in the same folder. Thanks in advance reply

01-04-2007 02:24 PM

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