Upgrading from K-lite Mega 1.03->1.17: DVD's make Media Player Classic crash

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I have been using the K-Lite Mega Pak for quite a while now, and just recently I figured I might get around to upgrading my old 1.03 version with a newer one (especially since the older only has xvid 1.00).

I found version 1.17, and installed it fine, however now when I try to play DVD’s with Media Player Classic, the program just quickly quits to Windows without so much as even an error.

Has anyone else noticed this problem? I tried using various different settings in the 1.17 installer, but all have the same problem.

Anyone have similar issues? reply

01-23-2005 11:19 PM
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Nevermind - On further inspection it was a video card driver error, and not a codec pack one. reply

01-23-2005 11:29 PM
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First link: requires suvery . just no. Second link: doesnt work . *reckon about why media fire wasn’t used. It’s so awesome*. Third link: MEDIA FIRE HORAAYY WORKED reply

01-22-2013 12:58 AM


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