Tough Sites To Download From (help)

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Okay folks, I know you group of guys know all the tricks of the trade, when it comes to figuring out how to download the hard to get files. I need some help with some tough sites.

First site is... I had a method for downloading their videos, but my method no longer works for some reason. Instead of ending up with the files, i end up with a 1 second .asf file.

Second site is... I have seen people mention a way to download their files, but I have not been successful once. If someone can tell me how it is done, I would appreciate it.

Third site is... This site seems to have a flash player for their videos and I don’t know any way to download their videos. Are flash videos downloadable, at all?

Is my own option to get videos from these sites by way of screen capturing programs? Let me know if there are other options, as screen capturing is time consuming and the size of the files is very large and quality becomes farely poor on compressing. reply

12-22-2005 03:47 AM


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