Playing move on WMP - Audio, but no video???

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I just downloaded a movie, and I am trying to play it on Windows Media Player. I get audio, but no video. Does anyone know what I need to download??? Thanks. reply

06-27-2006 11:14 PM

Bill Gates is going 2 retire in 2oo8. So why not put WMP 2 rest 4 now n change in2 something new 4 VLC media player 4 xemple. Give it a try n U won’t b disappointed. reply

06-28-2006 06:37 PM

Well,Bill Gates is indeed going to retire ,but Microsoft is not ,but going ahead more aggressively:) but trying new things is not a bad idea.ZDub, maybe you missed the video resource file ,and had better check it and make sure you’ve the file reply

07-01-2006 07:47 PM


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