iMovie export -> QT -> error -2048

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Ok, this is wierd. I created a 16 second movie for testing in iMovie (3.0.3 - NOT HD) on a Mac and exported it as full DVD quality to a file called, by iMovie, If I load the file on my Macs, which have QT Pro 7, it plays just fine. If I try to load the file in QT Pro 7 on the PC, it gives me the dreaded “error -2048”. I’ve spent all evening on this. I’ve downloaded at least three different codecs, none of which worked. The puzzling thing is: it plays fine on the Mac, but not the PC. When I ask about the type of file on the PC, I get, “DIF (DV) movie file (NTSC)." I’ve renamed the ".mov” to no effect.

I would be very grateful for any assistance. If I had any hair, I’d have pulled it out by now. reply

03-18-2006 02:51 AM
Mr. Nice Guy


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