rar files into avi video files

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07-31-2005 05:39 PM

hello i need help with something. i a newbie for this kind of stuff. i downloaded a anime using bitcomet and with most of my other animes i download it comes as a avi cedio file okay. so i download a anime and it finished but it wasnt a avi but a rar fileafter that i used winrra to so it with real player but i cant view it because it says it it going to dl something to use it right but it says it cant play it i see wat the problem is and its says ogm?? but wat can i do to watch this?? i need help can you please email me the answer thank you reply


08-01-2005 01:12 AM

http://www.moviecodec.com/topics/7019p1.html reply


09-26-2006 05:55 PM

Hi! What are the rar files and how can i change them in to avi files plz? reply


03-20-2007 10:12 AM
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I have downloaded a rar.bc file it seems that i need a codec or something to run this file. what type of codec should i download in order to run this file? reply


03-23-2007 05:06 PM

please help me..i have download song (61 Mb) but after finish download,it can’t play.the file is *.rar.somebody help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee reply


03-24-2007 09:46 AM
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Right. A RAR file is a storage format that uses compression technology to shrink the actual files down so that is a smaller file.

Using a RAR file is is very easy. You will need to download a RAR program such as winrar.


Now once you have installed winrar, just double click on the file and it will bring up whatis contained within the container, be it songs, movies, pictures...whatever.

Now all you need to is click on extract and chose the destination for the files to be extracted to and viola....you’re done.

Easy as pie:) reply


04-09-2007 04:01 AM

I downloaded the new TMNT movie from Utorrent and unlike all the other movies I have downkloaded this movie came with 34 different parts how do I combine all the different parts to make 1 feature length movie?
the file downloaded as a RAR file I have downloaded WINRAR to try to combine it but the techinical jargan is a little bit hard to understand.. Is there any one who can explain to me how to combine the files so I can watch this movie??
thank you reply


04-25-2007 01:15 PM

OMG.. these tasks are very simple you need :
1.download winrar (google)
2.install winrar
3.launch one of the rar. files and set the directory where to save the file.
4. watch the god damn movie :) reply


05-09-2007 03:06 PM

I have downloaded many rar files and winrar as well, but when i try to decompress rara files, it doesn’t do properly... it says video file may not be completed or any other shit all the time.
Which player is the best for AVI files to play??? i tried many VLC, divx, win media, etc.
please somebody tell me how to open RAR files into avi???
thanks reply


05-16-2007 09:16 PM

One thing, first highlight all rar and other files, except the how to files and the msinfo document, and then right click with your mouse over them and then click on open with, proceed to click on “Win Rar” a program wich should be listed there, other wise not, donwload it if you already havent and then install it, and then find it once you have clicked on open with like I have gone over already, and then unzip and then the movie shuld play on windows media player 10 or later, with the combined community codec pack installed of course wich can be found with a simple search on google for free
. reply


06-30-2007 02:37 AM

Hi friends, is there any way to change Flash Video files to mpeg4 so as to watch on dvd player reply


07-07-2007 02:15 PM

just right click on the first set of books and click on extract here make sure you have winrar installed after that refresh folder and there you go. reply


07-16-2007 09:55 PM

to watch flash movies and put them on dvd you need to goto www.zamzar.com and put the youtube URL and it will ask you to which file u want to convert to and do avi and once u have that filed downloaded straight to dvd it goes reply


07-22-2007 03:39 PM

whats up people. can osmeone please help me?... i just downloaded a new movie from bittorrent...it came in 42 .rar files (each names like 42.r 43.r etc) how do i combine them to watch the movie? do i have to combine them or as sidekick said just play it on wmp? reply


07-26-2007 06:07 AM

if u have downloaded a movie that has come with several .rar files (like r42, r43,...and so on) you can play them, u need “winrar” to extract the movie from these files.

find “winrar” (if u use torrents, get it at isohunt)
install winrar.

now, go to ur movie folder with all the .rar files in it. (all the .rars will look like little stacks of books:D)

find the .rar (or little stack of books:D) that is labelled “part 001”
right click it. select open.
now select “extract to”

choose “destination path” or folder u want movie to go in.
click “OK”

sit back and watch ur movie extract to the folder u specified:D hope this clarifies for some. reply


07-26-2007 06:10 AM

***mistake in ^^^***
you can play them = you CAN’T play them (meaning the .rar files) reply


08-03-2007 01:40 AM


I was downloaded a movie from RapidShare with 8 parts. I extracted it with no errors. And i tried to open extracted avi file with wmp, bsplayer, mp classic, etc.. But i didn’t. I think, maybe a codec problem and i tried to open avi file in GSpot Codec Information Tool. And i saw, file type: RAR File, mime type: application/x-rar-compressed. I’m surprised for this and tried to change the avi extension to rar file. I opened it via Winrar. And i saw that fila is a part of rar pack. File’s size is 750 MB. It’s completely enough for a movie. But when i try to extract this file again, WinRar needs to another 14 MB sized part? I didn’t understand anything. Whats going on? :)) Thanks for all. reply


08-14-2007 06:01 PM

its keep sayin on winrar that i need a volume???? help me!!! reply


08-19-2007 05:21 AM
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(to iangel92)
If winrar requests the next volume, it means you’re missing a part (or that all parts are not in the same folder). Be sure all the parts are in the same folder, or download the missing ones. If it’s multiple files in the archives, you can salvage the ones from the parts you have; if it’s just one big file split into small ones, there’s not much you can do besides obtain all the parts. reply


08-24-2007 01:56 PM

when i extract the output is zix file is it possible to convert this files to avi or i shouldnt bother reply


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