How do i get a .avi to play on a dvd player as a VCD or do i convert the .avi?

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I’m pretty much I newbie to this stuff so bare with me please. I recently downloaded an .avi movie and I want it to play on a stand alone DVD player, but as a VCD. So then I burn the .avi to a cd-r as a data disc, and it played on the computer and it worked but not onthe DVD player.
So then I found out that I had to convert to it to a MPEG. I did with winavi, but after i convert, the quality on movie is terrible and there is literally no sound. So i’m wondering is there anyway way to convert a .avi to a format that’ll play on a DVD player, but keeps the same quality and has video plyback? reply

06-26-2005 12:59 PM

can anyone help? reply

06-27-2005 01:24 PM

VCD are usually of crap quality anyway. make sure you have AC3 filter/encoder when converting. Winavi is not my favorite.....Is the picture crap before you convert?....If so it will get worse during conversion reply

06-27-2005 04:44 PM

Try this...If you ned a converter let me
know reply

06-27-2005 04:51 PM


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