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I’m using AlltoAVI for the conversion. All is perfect(Audio and Subtitles are retained). But, the subtitle font size and style is very different from the original MKV. How can I make the subtitle be the same as the original MKV’s.

Or...can you explain how MKV reads subtitles. It’s weird that the font style and size changed after the conversion. reply

05-12-2008 11:40 AM
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Hi Timoteo,when playing DTS you need a DTS reveecir to play DTS. Due to licensing and chipset it’s impossible to decode the DTS stream on the device, so it can only be passthrough' and this means that you need a DTS decoder not all MKV’s will have artefacts. It’s a certain part of MKV which can have artefacts. Actually its not the MKV, but it’s the videostream which is causing this. We are already aware of this and we are debugging it now. When you decode the MKV with GOTSENT to MP4 (H.264) no problem you will find when playing that. reply

10-30-2012 02:11 AM

I used Brorsoft MKV Converter to transcode cartoons for my little son. It can keep the subtitle of the original videos. You can have a try. reply

08-15-2013 01:05 AM
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Good software-Brorsoft MKV Converter. I have tested it. It is superb, I can convert my MKV videos for personal use. reply

09-03-2013 03:50 AM
Rosalyn Liu

I am also used Brorsoft MKV Converter for my son’s cartoons. It works perfectly. reply

12-12-2013 04:22 AM


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