How can I burn MP4?

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hello.. I need help about my videos in MP4 format which I convert from matroska using handbrake. I need to burn them in a 4.7gb DVD-R in order to play to dvd player but our Dvd player only plays video in MPeg format. The prob is that when I tried to convert the videos from matroska to MP4 to Mpeg the videos becomes “choppy” and its really a hassle to me doing conversion all day. And now i heard about this DVdflick application which is said that it can convert any video format into Dvd, I download it but I dunno how to use it properly plus the video becomes more bigger in size. I need to burn atleast 25-50episodes (24mins/ep) in a 4.7gb DVD-R, is it possible?? without losing the quality of the video? I don’t have enough knowledge about bitrate and something like that but please help me and give guide on what will I do. Thank you.. reply

03-20-2012 09:54 AM


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