DVDs play on computer, but not TV DVD player

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Hello, I tried to burn some videos I had downloaded off of Kazaa (multiple formats). They were numers clips running from 3 mins to 60 mins in length. I burned the DVD in Ulead DVD MovieFactory 3 trial using a Pioneer DVR-A09XL DVD writer. The files to be burned were converted to VIDEO_TS on the dvd, and the dvds play fine on my 2 computers (one Windows XP 64 w/ WMP, the other Slackware Linux 10.1 with Xine w/ libdvdcss), but will not play on my Toshiba SD-K610 dvd player, which is hooked up to my TV (purchased somewhere around Xmas, 2001). I havn’t had a chance to try and play it on another DVD player.
I am using TDK DVD+R dvds to burn with, single layer (4.7G).
Do I need to burn to a different dvd (DVD-R, different media, ect)? Any help with this would be appreciated. reply

08-14-2005 02:58 AM

I had a similar problem like that to , my dvd’s skip on my dvd players but play find on the computer . Its wierd . reply

08-14-2005 04:33 AM
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how old is that dvd player? older dvd players aren’t very compatible with consumer created dvds. if it’s a fairly new dvd player i don’t really know what the problem would be. reply

08-14-2005 12:05 PM

According to this: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php?DVDname=++SD-K610+&Submit=Search&Search=Search&chipset=&country=&orderby=Name&hits=25 dvd+R is not supported.Check your media and find one that works also put the right video system before making the dvd. reply

08-14-2005 12:32 PM


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