Reason 2.5 and Orkester

I have been trying to find info on this subject. I have a legit copy of reason 2.5 and had upgraded to 3.1.2.
My G5 recently had a new hard drive installed and now when I try running reason I am getting the error.....
“Please insert the CD Orkester Sound Bank”
I was running it on my powerbook G4 and it works fine, but i really want to get it back on my G5 since that is where I do most of my work and utilize pro tools.
I saw that there was a fix by burning one CD called Orkester and one CD called Sound Bank. Open Reason and pop em in when it asks you for them. But it did not work ;(
Please Help....
Cheers~ reply

04-10-2007 01:21 AM
Red Star Grl

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