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Xvid is a MPEG-4 codec for videos for windows pc. It helps programs compress video and enable easy and network friendly buffering and transfer. So Xvid is a compression system for videos and files using Xvid are much smaller than those without. Xvid achieves this feat by removing non essential information from a video file that keeps the video quality good while still getting a smaller size. The compressed video will need the codec to be installed.

We provide you download links for Xvid below along with important information and questions about it. It is a free download under GNU GPL license. Download Xvid from the link below. Save the file and extract to install easily.

Xvid Codec Download Safe Xvid zip file download, fast US Server

Xvid Download US Server

Download the Xvid file above, for all version of windows including windows 11. The file was scanned at time of upload and any updated revisions of this Codec will be made available on this page regularly. To extract you do not need a special program or application. The windows in-built de compressor will work fine.

You may also use 7-zp, winzip or winrar too. We suggest running the program as administrator. The file is self installing.

Xvid format quality

Xvid Video quality is rather good. It does not take away much from a video while encoding. The loss in quality is minimal, this makes it one of the best codecs out there. It is a highly recommended codec for where the use is possible. You can check more parameters here and here.

xvid to h264 converter

You can find all the converters we have to offer under our downloads page here. Converting this format to h264 will need several steps and preparation. It is beyond the scope of this page to explain it. It really depends on the converter you are using as settings are specific.

Questions related to Xvid:

One may have many questions related to Xvid. While it is a simple codec to use, we still do have questions about it. Here are a few important questions that many of our users ask:

What are xvid files?

Answer: Files compressed with this codec. Also, they can easily be viewed on any compatible player with the codec.

What is xvid codec and is it safe?

Answer: It is a high quality compression codec for videos and yes, it is quite safe.

What’s xvid video codec

Answer: It is a video codec library using the MPEG-4 video standard.

Are divx and xvid the same

Answer: No, divx and this codec are not the same.

Can you convert xvid to mp4

Answer: Yes you can convert it to mp4 using various converter programs. It can be done in at least 2 steps and not less in most cases.

Is xvid codec free

Answer: yes, the codec is free as decided by the authors.

How does this codec work

Answer: Xvid removes the information from videos that is not noticeable or required by humans. This creates high quality videos that are easy to transfer.

Xvid to mp4 converter app

Answer: You can easily re-code mp4 to mp4 using various converter programs.

Xvid to avi converter

Answer: you can convert avi to mp4 using various converter programs.

Xvid to mkv converter

Answer: You can seamlessly convert mkv to mp4 using various converter programs.

Is this codec good

Answer: Yes, in fact it is one of the best codec in terms of quality output.

Is it the same as divx

Answer: No they are quite different. Both are quite effective codecs but quite different technically. Although it is from the same people who made divx.

How to use xvid codec

Answer: Use the manual that comes with the download above to know how to use the codec pack.

How to use xvid codec with vlc

Answer: Just install the codec and run vlc. Also, restart may be required in some cases.

How to get xvid video codec

Answer: Download the codec from the link above, easy as that.

How to convert xvid codec to mp4

Answer: Sure, You can seamlessly convert mpeg4 to mp4 using converter programs.

How to install this codec on android

Answer: You will need a player with built in codecs or search for an apk.

Why this codec is not working

Answer: Your system may have a corrupt install. Also, You can correct this by reinstalling the codec pack.

More about this codec

The codec is a video codec that can compress and decompress video files. It is an open source codec that is available for free. This program was developed by a team of developers from the DivX company in 2003.The codec has been designed to be used with the MPEG-4 Part 2 video standard. It is capable of compressing video at speeds of up to 60 frames per second. The codec can create videos with a resolution of up to 1080p.

The codec is available for a variety of operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It has a number of features that make it a popular choice for video compression.These features include support for multiplexing, scalability, motion compensation and error resilience. It can also create videos with a high level of detail and quality.

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