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Hello all:

I am trying to convert a xvid movie to a divx movie. I found a free program called SUPER that claims to convert movie files.

However, it seems to only partially do the job. After the conversion, I open the file in avicodec and it says:

File 28 MB
Video 0.0 MB
Sound 0.0 MB

All the codec information looks good (i.e. Open divx 4). But the actual video and audio does not seem to be in the converted file.

It says you can choose to use ffmpeg or mencoder to do the work. I tried both with the same result.

The original xvid file is 700 MB big.

Can anyone help me with this? reply

There’s two ways you can do this.
The first way is more a trick and relies on luck. As most people already know, DivX and XviD are just different variants of MPEG-4. Depending on the MPEG-4 level and profile selected during encoding, changing the fourcc may allow the file to be played using the other decoder. First make a copy of the file in a different folder. Next get the fourcc changer from here http://www.inmatrix.com/files/avic_download.shtml Then change the Description FourCC to divx and the Used FourCC to DX50.
If that doesn’t work you may have to do a full re-encode. Open your XviD file in VirtualDub. Click video, compression, then select whichever version of the DivX codec you want to use (I presume 5 or 6). You might want to click on configure to adjust the encoding settings to your liking. Then click file, save as. reply


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