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how could i see xvid mouvies in my dvdplayer.is a convencional one not an pc one.i need to convert them?and if it so wich convertor i need and where i could find him reply


Some new models standalone dvd player works with DivX or Xvid files you just have to put the file on a cd or dvd the way it is.If you have a older model plays only vcd/svcd/dvd.So in order to make a disc for it you need to convert the Xvid file for whatever disc you want vcd or dvd.A free converter for Xvid and very fast is VSO DivX to DVD also a shareware like WinAvi is very good but you may use it for a limited numbers of days as a trial.
http://www.winavi.com/en/download/download.htm reply


I’ll append to labish’s post.
The newer standalone dvd players that can play divx contents are “divx certified”. DivX Networks keeps a list of certified players here. http://www.divx.com/hardware/certified/products.php

Now quoting from DigitAl56K on the DivX team
“DivX Certified players are not tested for XVID compatibility, nor is the XVID encoder certified for DivX Certified-compatible encoding. The result is that your XVID files may or may not play on your DivX Certified player."
(source: http://forums.divx.com/viewtopic.php?topic=61978&forum=1 )
So it’s a toss-up. You might also want to read the manufacturer’s specs for the player to see if XviD is specifically supported. If not, as a last resort you can change the fourcc to DIVX and cross your fingers.

And if all else fails (or if your player simply isn’t divx-certified), google for dvd or vcd or svcd making software and do the conversion. reply


kick it reply



I usually use Nidesoft dvd ripper.It is a powerful and professional DVD rip software, which helps you convert DVD to all popular video or audio formats easily. It works as DVD to MP4,DVD to AVI, DVD to WMV, DVD to DIVX, etc.. reply


DVD movie is encoded by MPEG2 standard. And your video will be converted into .IFO, .VOB,.BUP files.
If you just wanna enjoy your video on dvd player, it’s unnecessary to know details about this. There are tons of smart DVD burner, like the one in my signature, can convert video files to dvd files and burn them onto blank dvd disc by a few clicks.

For newbie, this step by step instruction would be helpful.
Hope it helps. reply

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