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can some help a novice
I am using Win media 9 and keep gettin WMV1 and 3 codec error
Where di I get the codecs??? reply

Try the microsoft website...update windows and media player(if available). i don’t quite understand why this problem is happening...wmv is windows media video...one would think that something should be able to play media that was designed for it. reply


necesito el codec wmv1 gracias reply


i tried downloading from microsoft but microsoft says no such file could be found. please help reply


This is my problem, when the error is shown after I try and play the wmv file media player automatically gives you the choice to search Microsoft for the file but it comes up with nothing to download

the error that comes up is as follows
The WMV1 codec is required to play this file. To determineif this codec is available to download from the web, click web help.

Web help button then takes you to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/support/missingplugin.asp?codec=WMV1

which bring the message Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the required codec cannot be found. To determine how to obtain the codec identified as WMV1, contact the provider.

Does not happen to all WMV file on this computer either just a few here and there. Seeing that I have had no-one even tell me they are having the same problem I am even more confused.

Sean reply


Hey Sean,

I am having the same problem. The weird thing is it just started happening after I downloaded an .avi codec pack.

For example, I had a certain file that played fine and then I downloaded some codec stuff (for other files) and now those original files keep giving me that “wmv1 codec error'. Its weird and frustrating let me know if you figure it out and I will do the same. Good luck.



Yes. I have been having that same problem. I downloaded every codec I could find, reistalled all my WMV related programs, and still nothing. If you guys find anything out about this, please share :_: reply


I had this same problem. I solved it by installing Windows Media Encoder 7.1.

However, some time later, the problem returned. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, and it fixed it again.

I’m not sure what all had been installed in between, but I’m keeping a log now.

You can find the encoder from Microsoft at


Hope this works for you. reply


you can download the windows media update to
I have risolved this common problem ;) reply


Thanks panasync,
have downloaded and everything is sweet! reply


I to got the same error for a game, here is the link to the file to solve this problem, it also contains many other codecs for WMP. Hope this helps you.


Download the file: FFmpeg version 0.4.8

Easy reply


Yeah FFMPEG doesn’t use external codecs. It’s a filter based system and is stand-alone.

Effectively you can uninstall codecs and just use the filter to watch movies. The stability of a movie’s playback will all be down to the ability of the filter.

VideoLAN and MPlayer are both media players based on the FFMPEG project:
http://ffmpeg.sourceforge.net/ reply


Always use mplayer2.exe . I suffer the codec error and i tried this other program ( still in windows ) and problem resolved. reply


Try installing Windows Media Encoder 9 Series. It worked for me and I was having the same problem. reply


i dont get it it doent work any of the ways fucking microsoft shit reply


people, i have a movie to decode & encode to DIVX!:)

Used to be an asf (VDUB1.5 complained) now it’s an avi. (thanks to ASFTools) (VDub complains no more) Already instaled wmv9VCMsetup.exe & wmfdist.exe and now VD15 says its a M$ WMV9 video stream w/ a “Unknown (tag 0162)" 6channel audio stream... what audio codec has tag 0162? where do you check that kind of info?

many thanks even if you cant help me!



try this link, i failed to fix the problem be4 installed it even i installed WMP9.... reply


Gostaria de baixar o codec wmv1 reply


I have just went and installed the following file and I saw the file that was giving me the codec error.

The file is :WMEncoder.exe found at the following website



Hae been trying a few of the sujestions but the problem always returns!!!

Anyway I downloaded 3 files from Microsoft and installed them all unfortunatly not sure which individual program fixed or combination of all 3

WM9Codecs.exe (This has been sujested before)

I am fairly sure they were all from the microsoft site. I was that sick of trying to fix the problem that I didn’t grab exact link to where they were sorry reply


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