WMV1 and WMV2 VFW codecs?

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Has anyone come across a Video for Windows version of the WMV1 (WMP7) or WMV2 (WMP8) codecs? The DirectShow versions are useless for decoding in just about all editing programs. reply


They don’t exist. [EDIT: see post #7] WMV1 (Windows Media Video 7) and WMV2 (Windows Media Video 8) were exclusively intended for use with the asf/wmv container and the DirectShow architecture. Microsoft won’t allow any encoding, decoding, or editing outside their own software without licensing (and possibly royalties).

P.S: They started out the same way with WMV3 (Windows Media Video 9), but soon added VfW support to it (in the form of the VCM package). Their site says it’s because of customer requests, but I doubt that was the real reason. I think they knew most users don’t like the WMV container (being proprietary and stuff), and would readily encode in other codecs/containers (divx/avi for example) to stay away from it, so they had to make WMV3 avi/VfW-compatible to retain a competitive edge. reply


very simple,
just download the windows media player 11 again and
install it, it will work 100 percent,
it will same the same thing in the microsoft web site,
good luck, reply


codec wmv2
cobra2ismail@yahoo.com reply



...really really late..BUT!!!

..just in case anyone comes across this page when looking how to do this the soulution is:-

get vdub 1.8.1 (or higher)

get WMV9-VCM (forgot where..use google)

goto http://home.comcast.net/~fcchandler/Plugins/WMV/index.html

and get the wmv plugin for vdub

install WMV9-VCM

...your vdub now opens wmv/asf! reply


after installing that Windows Media Video 9 VCM VirtualDub still shows 'missing codec' in the input window. reply


Gotta make an update (well should have a while ago, but never remembered the existence of this thread).

These steps are for editing of AVI files encoded in WMV1, WMV2, or WMV3 in VirtualDub (or any other application that uses the VfW (Video for Windows) architecture).
(yes, some fools lossless transcode their WMV1 and WMV2 to AVI - when it really belongs in ASF/WMV)
- Get ffdshow-tryouts.
- During installation, check 'VfW interface', and the VirtualDub plugin.
- If you don’t need anything being decoded, uncheck everything under audio and video codecs when it offers you to let ffdshow decode them
- when you’re done, run the VfW configuration (either from the last window during setup, or from your start menu)
- go to the decoder tab. on the left select codecs. on the right, look for the line WMV1/7*, WMV2/8*, WMV3/9**, or VC-1 (those most of interest). should work for WMVP and MSS1/2 as well.
- click on the “disabled” thing. you should get a drop-down menu. just pick something other than disabled. I tend to pick wmv9 rather than libavcodec. If one doesn’t work, try the other.
your file should be decodable in VirtualDub.

The above steps should work for Windows Media Video [put number here] in AVI.
For WMV in ASF, you will also need fcchandler’s WMV plugin for VirtualDub (as mentioned by Bob Dole above).

* WMV1 is the fourcc (four character code) for Windows Media Video 7
WMV2 is the fourcc for Windows Media Video 8
WMV3 is the fourcc for Windows Media Video 9
(blame Microsoft for the dumbass numbering scheme)
WMVA is the fourcc for Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile (but it’s no longer used)
WVC1 is the fourcc for VC-1

** For WMV3 (Windows Media Video 9) in AVI, I personally recommend using the VCM (Video Codec Manager) instead (Microsoft’s own WMV3-in-AVI encoder/decoder).
but you can use ffdshow if you prefer. reply



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