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Years ago I used a video capture card by AverMedia . Many of my most important videos where made like that. Now it turns out I can’t play them. The codec used is called WJPG. I tried Aver’s site, but the codec is not to be found. The old driver for the gadget no longer installs on XP with newer updates, it was discontinued in 2005. When I contacted Aver... and Winbod they didn’t even know what WJPG was!!

The links on the web are to Aver’s site and that wasn’t productive.

Now my question, I have an old laptop where the WJPG videos actually play.

Is there a folder or something from my old laptop that I can copy files to my new laptop so that the codec also gets copied? Or is this a registry thing? If so, how would I do that?

On my new computer I’m using K-lite codec pack. Could that be blocking all other codecs?

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The package for the WJPG (Winbond JPEG) codec used to be named USBTVVideoDecoder.zip. I just searched left and right on the AverMedia site (it should be under AverTV USB 2.0 somewhere), but I can’t find it (perhaps someone with better luck can locate it).
So anyway I decided to upload the copy I had here

A couple of glitches:
- I tried to play a WJPG sample I had but it played upside down and flickered a lot. Apparently I’ve been having this problem with DivX 3 contents too (fourcc DIV3 and DIV4), but it seems to be an overlay or a colorspace bug in my setup somewhere... In any case, when I get that, the problem is always gone when I play the file in VirtualDub. It’s also a good opportunity to re-encode your video using a different codec.
- The installer is 16-bit. This may be a problem if you have a clean version of Windows XP SP2 (not slipstreamed from SP1 or no-SP version), as SP2 removed 16-bit support. Microsoft has a workaround in this KB article:
One other potential workaround you can try is right-click setup.exe and try running it in compatibility mode (Win 95 or 98). Obviously the installer won’t work at all on a 64-bit system (16-bit support is totally gone). If you have a 64-bit system, get back to this thread and I’ll upload the dll (it’s 32-bit; it’s just the installer that’s 16-bit) and give additional steps to manually install. reply


I have had the problem of not being able to play video, only the audio with files made with that infernal device. I downloaded the package you put on the site and installed it on a computer with Win7 32-bit. The files still will not open with Windows Media Player or VLC. However, I have VideoPad Video Editor (http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html) installed, and was able to import my files into it, then create a video out of them (as if I was making a new movie) and voilá! I have working movies again! Thanks a TON for the driver! reply


if someone can upload a wjpg sample to ftp://upload.ffmpeg.org , we can try adding support into ffmpeg... reply



Can you please help me with converting avermedia file to mp4 reply


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