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I am really frustrated with my inability to open 2 lots of files downloaded from the HDD of a friend’s camcorder. I will be really grateful if anybody’s suggestions work.

The files seem to be all starting with the letters MOV (they seem to be MPEG) and each file seems to be followed by another file with the same name e.g. MOV05 but also followed by extention .MOI

I suppose these files are all meant to (when put together) make up the full movie. I am using windows media player and when I double click on the first file, I get windows error message C00D11B1. Windows has offered suggestion that my sound device, such as a sound card or sound controller, requires an updated driver. I have since updated all available applications. Still no joy!

I have tried Real player as well which says it doesn’t have the software update to play this material! I seem to have an option of Nokia multimedia player when I try to open the file and that doesn’t do anything!!

I am at a loss....

Any suggestions buddies? reply

MOV is the prefix. Their likely extension .MOD (they’re MPEG-2 files).
Any MPEG-2 decoder should work. (The software bundled with the camera should have included one.)

Standalone Players
Media Player Classic: very compact and tidy - just extract to your desktop, then drag-and-drop your MOD file onto it for playback.
VLC Media Player: An all-in-one player with lots of bundled codecs, including MPEG-2.

Filters will make playback within Windows Media Player possible.
GPL MPEG-1/2 DirectShow Decoder Filter:
ffdshow-tryouts: Bundles a lot of codecs, including MPEG-2
There’s also commercial MPEG-2 decoders sold out there, for example by Elecard or LEAD.

Commercial DVD Software
Any commercial DVD Player (WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc.) should also have an MPEG-2 filter that allows MPEG-2 playback in Windows Media Player. Note that Windows Vista Ultimate and Home Premium already have MPEG-2 and DVD playback capabilities bundled.

As for the MOI files they’re either thumbnails (viewable with any image viewer - try renaming to JPG to see if it works) or files that contain metadata (perhaps a text viewer like notepad or wordpad can read them then - try renaming to .txt to see). reply


cheers mate.

i tried the filters from sourceforge and the standalone player from sourceforge. same message again 'windows encountered a problem while playing' (C00D11B1). also for the MOI file, i renamed the suffix of one of the files to jpg and that file changed to 'mpeg' file completely and calls itself just MOV05 now! Bizzare!

Can i check (for the complete computer idiot- after downloading the softwares eg an MPEG-2 decoder, do I just try and play with WMP as usual or, do I drag each and every file one by one into the downloaded software icon on the desktop?

Do I try and see if I can get a WinDVD or PowerDVD software from the net next?

thanks reply

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