What is HDR Media 100 - dtNT?

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Hello Board,

I’ve got a quicktime movie file (.mov) from the US which I can’t play.

In the quicktime video informationbox it says HDR Media 100 NTSC and Videoinspector tells me the codec is dtNT.

I searched for a while but was unable to find suitable information about the codec. Because I’m in Germany maybe I have to change the fileformat from NTSC to PAL but I thought Quicktime is Quicktime and at least my computer should be able to play the file.

What kind of codec do I need to play it?

Thanks for help

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ok, finally I found the solution by myself:


there it says:

The iFinish Transcoder allows anyone with a compatible Windows® NT, 2000 or XP computer to open and view media from an iFinish system compressed with the Media 100 codec, without having iFinish hardware installed. The iFinish Transcoder supports square and non-square pixels - NTSC 640 x 480, NTSC 720 x 486, PAL 768 x 576, and PAL 720 x 576.

the videoinspector gives you the fourcc dtNT which doesn’t help much because this code is quite unknown.

maybe it helps anybody with the same problem.

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thanx man I had a problem trying to find your
solution. I’m burning movies, had that hdr file
couldn’t play nothing. You saved me. thank you
thank you THank You.!!!!! reply


I realize this is YEARS later, but this is exactly the problem I’m having. I have an old batch of Media 100 files with codec “dtNT”. Does anyone know how I can obtain the correct codec, software, ANYTHING to transcode these clips into something more modern? ANY leads will be greatly appreciated. reply



you should be able to convert these with mencoder (i only tested this on windows).

get 7zip to extract if you dont have it:

download mencoder:

download the codec:

add this to the codecs.conf file:

videocodec qtm100
info “Media-100 iFinish Transcoder”
status working
fourcc dtPA,dtnt,dtmt
driver qtvideo
dll “M100WinTranscoder.qtx”
out UYVY

then convert your files:
mencoder yourfile.mov -ovc lavc -oac lavc -o newfile.avi reply


if you have quicktime pro and you put that .qtx file with your other qtx files (usually in c:\windows\system32\ ) , quicktime should be able to convert them as well. but i havent tested. reply


Microsoft released the new vesorin of Expression encoder- Its Free vesorin does all the same things > no need for the ancient windows media encoder-TRUST me its WAY better!!!!!!!!!! Download the FREE Edition it here- reply



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