what is a mp43 codec

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what is a mp43 codec is that in the windows media

Try this Jayne

http://codecs.nm.ru reply


or this

http://tommiez.cool.ne.jp/link/html/codecs.html reply


Sorry Meryl, but Get a MAC is the correct anwser.The whole MAC experience really is a software thing; Apple merely ensures reliabilty and compatibility by providing the hardware as well. That way they get to control the chip sets and interfacing, and when you call for tech support (yes, it happens from time to time), the person on the phone will in fact know just what your computer looks like inside and out, hardware and software. Makes for much easier trouleshooting.iMovie is pretty easy to use for video editing. Quicktime is an Apple product. There are several audio only programs available if you just want to do audio (or use Garage Band, which is probably overkill).If you something that absolutely must run under Windows, that’s what Parallel’s is for.Now that they’ve gone to Intel chips, the hardware is in the same price range.So when it’s time to next upgrade the computer, come over to this side. The water’s fine, the grass is greener (and has less pollen), and any other metaphor you care to use. reply


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