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Anyone know of these codecs .

I have a bunch of captured avi’s using this codec.

Originally it came with a software program( cant remember the name) which enabled basic movie editing with kodak webcams

Any Help appreciated :) reply


I also need the same codec for my XP system.
I believe it is shipped with Kodak DVC 325 webcam and it get insatlled when u insatll its video capture software probably PRESTO! Video Works Software. reply


I also need the VQC2 codec. I’ve searched using nearly every search engine and none of them have a link to it. I’ve even e-mailed View Quest Technologies (who created it) but they never replied, probably because they are now defunct. I have alot of old webcam videos using this format and I really want to be able to see them again. reply


I solved my problem. you can also.

I arranged a Kodak DVC 325 Webcam ( a not very good products from Kodak , lot of bugs) and installed Presto! video works. Keep Camera connected to your PC , it is necessary to load codec into pc’s memory.Then i opend the avi files compressed with VQC1/VQC2 codec and converted them to Cinepak avi.
And at last I deleted all my files which were compressed with VQC1/VQC2 , using Shift Delete key combination , as i donot want to leave any traces of VQC1/VQC2. reply



thanks for the help. Did you buy Presto! or did you download it? I’m trying to find a place that has it for download but every place is charging $80 for it. Do you know where I can find a copy? reply


I got Presto! bundeled with Kodak DVC 325 camera itself. I think in 80$ or less you can purchase this camera itself , ( I bought it for approx 75$, 2 years back )and you will get Presto! bundeled with it. But as i already said the product is not much worthy to buy , it seems to be discontinued by KODAK and no drivers available for Linux plateforms. reply


Did anyone solve this yet? Or can anyone send me presto?



Yes I did it. Infact i am regularly using Prsto videoworks . reply


This is a pain in the but. I am looking for this VQC2 codec. I have been everywere from Kodak, ViewQuest, Presto! I can’t find a free solution to change the avi files to a windows “friendly” avi. reply


If somebody of you have solution for files compressed with vqc2 (Presto video works or vqc2 codec) please send me at my mail. PLEASE!!! reply


Need help also with opening videos that involve vqc2. dont know what to do or where to look can anyone help???? possibly send me presto. after i upgraded to windows xp i was unable to view videos in mgi suite. help!!!? :o reply


I think I just will mention that you do NOT need to buy the Presto! software, as the codec is installed with the DVC 325 camera driver, and not with the editing software (though I was not able to get the codec to load properly without having a DVC 325 connected, without extracting the file from the cab and installing it manually.) reply


Ok, I downloaded the driver and found that I got a Blue Screen of Death on my machine from the SYS file. After some editing, I ISOLATED THE CODEC so that when you select the INF file for installion, ONLY the codec will be installed.

Files required: INF & VQdecode.dll

I added a readme.txt to guide anyone through in installing this codec manually. The installation still comes up “Kodak blah blah blah” and an “Unknow n Device”, listed as functioning, will appear under imaging devices. Other than this, my system is still working perfectly.

If you would like my ZIP archive, please respond and I will upload it somewhere and post the link - any suggestions on the best places to upload would be appreciated, but if I get a response, I’m going Geocities.

Oh - NO PRESTO, NO CAMERA, NOTHING, JUST THE 2 FILES. I’ve waited 4 YEARS for this! reply


I just found SMB’s other topic... crap.

Oh well - I did the same exact thing. reply


Hey Gman88, can U send me that zip file to my e-mail?
Thanks a lot... reply


You have to check the little box that says “Allow other people to see my email address” - it looks like SMB’s topic disappeared, or maybe I just didn’t go far enough into old pages. But anyway, here is the file:


Included files(40k): VQC.inf, Vqdecode.dll, and readme.txt

BE SURE TO SYSTEM RESTORE AFTER YOU CONVERT YOUR VIDEOS(that is, make a restore point manually before trying the installation)

Leaving this installed(not restoring after conversion) will very likely result in driver, registry, and other nasty system problems.

Since it’s VQdecode.dll, it should do both 1 & 2. reply


Hey thanks man!!!
Sorry bout that checkbox, i didn’t see him... reply


Hi again.
Sorry I did not put the link in my first post, and you went to all that trouble.

For anyone else interested, you can get the VQC1 and VQC2 codec from


I recommend my download over Gman88’s only because the .inf file is a bit nicer. I totally rewrote it to take out the camera driver code, so it should not mess up your system, or give “Unknown Device” garbage. I tested the uninstall on Win2k and WinXP a while back and it seems to work correctly.

But, both downloads have the goods (VQdecode.dll), and that is all that matters.

If you want to, send me an email letting me know if you download the codec. I wont take it down if people are actually finding it and using it.

BTW, I’m not an advocate of VQC2, I just got stuck with it just like everyone else! reply


Gman88 you rock!!!

waited years and years for this dam codec!!!! finally!


-- edited : one thank you is enough... -- reply


fantastic link still works and I can now finally view and convert my old videos.

my camera was an old viewquest supplied by time computers years ago, oval with a green button on top - camera long since lost

make sure you convert them to normal mpg before this codec gets lost forever reply


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